Bunny Loves to Learn – Book Review

I love being part of Parragon’s Book Buddies. It gives Monkey and Mouse the chance to have a look at some great new books. So far they haven’t been disappointed with any of the range we have had a chance to see.

This time is no different. We were sent a copy of ‘Bunny Loves to Learn’ to take a look at and it is definitely not a disappointment! The main character is Buster Bunny and he loves to read, write, and now LEARN! Bunnylovestolearn

The pictures on the front are lovely and they draw you into wanting to read the story straight away, I couldn’t wait to share with the children.  The beautiful illustrations follow through the book and every now and then a ‘real life’ object pops up – a plant, a roll of sellotape, a ball! These real life objects really fit into the pictures and don’t look out of place at all!

The story follows Buster as the teacher announces that the class will be doing a simple and fun learning project. They will choose costumes from the dress-up box, make something from the time of the characters chosen, and then dress up and present their work to the class.

I don’t want to give too much away because it is such a nice story that I think people should read it, but there are fun facts along the way which are great for added interest; especially for any 6 year old boy!

Another great add to our book collection!


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  1. We love the book! It have so much informations. Love how they teach about different era dress up.

  2. This looks like another lovely book from Parragon, Great theme to it too.

  3. It’s a beautiful book.

  4. We have this too but haven’t gotten around to reading it properly yet! It sounds lovely.

  5. I love the illustrations for this book. sounds like a fun story too.

    • kim neville on May 12, 2014 at 13:45
    • Reply

    Looks like a lovely book my son would love and he is also still attached to his jellycat bunnies

  6. We have this book too and really enjoyed it!

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