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Over the past couple of years I have had lots of questions about Butlin’s and some of them seem to raise their heads more than once; so I thought I would write a little Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to try and answer some of them!

Is the fairground suitable for little ones?

There are height restrictions on the fairground but both of mine (4 and 6 years old) were tall enough for some of the rides. There is also a ‘little stars fairground’ which is perfect for the little ones; they get to drive cars, fly planes and go on the tea cups alone. My kids loved it – made them feel like grown ups.  039

Can you go off site, and if so what is local?

You can go off site as much as you want. We didn’t because the kids were so happy on site.

In visiting distance of Bognor Regis resort is a castle, museum, docklands and a beach (which we could see from our accommodation last year.)  In Minehead Grampsy had a walk out with his camera and found the beach and lovely views, a castle and a steam railway!  151

Are there loads of Hen and Stag dos there?

We didn’t see any! I know that Butlin’s do adult weekends so maybe they go then! There were a whole lot of families the times we have visited (Easter and May half term). Families of different sizes, grandparents,

What’s the entertainment like?

There is a wide range of entertainment; from recognisable character shows, the Skyline Gang, Music shows and discos. There is the fairground, swimming, soft play and lots of park equipment (all included in the price). We have seen Angelina Ballerina giving a dance class, Bonnie bear telling a story, the skyline gang going back in history with Ludo the dinosaur, Mike the knight, A queen tribute, the blues brother story and a whole lot more!348

Are older kids catered for too?

Although we don’t have direct experience of this as the Monkey and the Mouse are little, we did notice how much there was on for the older ones. For the 9 year olds plus there is the fairground, shows such as ‘Dick and Dom’, titan the robot and wrestling, the discovery centre in Bognor, swimming, sports and a cinema. For the teenagers there is club VIP where they get to take part in Wii challenges, Zorb football and more, the older shows and fun on the fairground.

Are the food plans worth the extra money?

The food is fantastic, we have not had a bad meal. When first looking at the price we did think maybe it was a little much, but for the convenience, choice, quality and the fact that it is all you could eat (so we only needed a little snacks lunch), it suited us great!IMAG1326

How expensive is a cup of tea?

We had tea and coffee included in our dining plan and some in our self catering apartment, so didn’t buy that many out and about. But in the Skyline pavilion you could get 4 hot drinks for less than £10.00 which we thought was pretty good for an out and about place. There is a Spa shop on site which is very reasonably priced for drinks and food!

What kind of people go to Butlin’s?

The only thing I can say is ‘people go to Butlin’s’. There isn’t one kind of person from what I saw. There were different races, sizes of families, ages, people from all over the country and a few internationals.

Would you recommend it?

If you want a relaxing, sit around and do nothing holiday – then no I wouldn’t. If you want a lots to do, lots to see and make the kids smile a lot type of holiday, then Yes I would!


We have been Butlin’s Ambassadors for two years and are more than happy to answer any other questions you have about it! So what would you like to know?


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  1. Great post Kelly you pretty much answered everything! It sounds really good to me

    1. Thank you! It is a good place.

  2. Brilliant post! I think you have covered everything there! We were really pleased at the quality of food and the amount of things to do for both our children. It is definitely a fun family holiday!

    1. It really is isn’t it, lots of fun for kids and the food keeps the adults happy!

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