Butlins Minehead – The experience!

You have seen the A-Z video, so it is time for a written version of our experience at the Butlin’s Resort in Minehead!46-96573_ButlinsLogo
This year for our Butlin’s Ambassador Trip we took Granny and Grampsy along for the ride! Minehead is approximately four hours from where we live, we treated ourselves to a hotel stop half way down on the Sunday, so on Monday we took a two hour drive to the resort (well we didn’t want to be too tired front he journey to enjoy ourselves straight away!).  We arrived at 1pm, there was a queue to get into the resort but we didn’t have to wait too long.

The car park was very busy as some were trying to leave as many were trying to arrive. I was assured by the lovely man directing people that it is not normally as bad as this but there was some development work going on which made it a little more difficult. However, I have to say the people who had the job of directing were brilliant and were doing it all with a smile!

Once parked we headed to the check in and got our key.  Check in was smooth and quick. We were given maps and directions and advised to move to the car park in the second entrance onto site as it was closer to accommodation.

In hindsight we should have left the moving of the car until later!

Your key card is not activated until 4pm so we headed off to the Skyline pavilion for a coffee, lunch and to have a look around!

We quickly found everything thanks to the map we were given, the Monkey and the Mouse wanted to head straight for the Fairground to see if they were big enough for the rides (Mouse wasn’t when we went to Bognor last year so we avoided it).

Hurray they were both big enough to go on some of the rides! Grampsy was straight on the helper skelter with Monkey, and from then on was more than willing to go on the rides. Grampsy definitely found a sense of adventure at Butlin’s, he even went on the umbrellas and he doesn’t like ’round and round’ rides!

We headed to the accommodation at 4pm and found it easily with the map (Trusty map – keep with you for the whole holiday!). We were in a Silver bungalow (you can compare room types at the bottom here ).  When we arrived at the apartment there was a couple of maintenance issues, but there was a lovely guy there fixing them on our arrival and all was done in a couple of hours. The bungalow was suitable for what we needed, a kitchen, three bedrooms, a bathroom and a living area.  Both the Kitchen and the Bathroom were impeccably clean (which is really important to us) and suitable for what we needed. We were on a dining plan so was only using the apartment for sleeping and lunch!

The dining plan was amazing! We had the choice of two restaurants ‘The Deck’ or ‘The Yacht Club’. Both were great, they work on a buffet style and the quality is goooood!  We found the Yacht to be a slightly quieter atmosphere which suited the grandparents better, but they were absolutely fine when we were in ‘The Deck’ too!

There was more choice in The Deck, but the great thing is you can sit in one and eat from the other. Between the six of us we have two fussy little ones, a vegetarian, two who prefer a straight meat and two veg meal and one who sometimes has reactions to some foods, we all found something to eat and enjoy at every meal!

We had the added joy of visiting Scoop – The Ice Cream parlour, and all i need to say about that is ‘Oh My Word!!’


Once you have fed and slept there is plenty of other things to do to fill the rest of the time, in fact, if you are like us there are probably some things that you don’t get to do as well because you run out of time!

Splash waterworld is amazing, I can’t count the amount of times we went around the lazy river (Mouse, 4 years old loved it). The first time we visited I barely saw Daddy, Monkey and Grampsy as they were on the Raft Ride (Even Granny had a couple of rides and she doesn’t really like that kind of thing!).  The only down side was there is no slide between the baby slide and the big ones, so Mouse felt a little left out of not having a slide to go on.

The shows were great, we saw all sorts; Mike the Night, Billy Bears Story time, Titan the Robot, Thomas and of course the skyline gang! The Monkey and the Mouse both loved them all and often wanted to watch them again!

We had a fabulous time, we played, we sang, we watched, we rode, we laughed, we slept and Daddy and I even had a date night whilst Granny and Grampsy Babysat!

We had a few tips for the Butlin’s Team and will pass them on direct, but here they are

  • Coat Hooks in the hall way of the apartment would have been handy (we had a day of rain and didn’t really want to put our wet coats in the wardrobes
  • Having Maps and entertainment timetables available in the Skyline Pavillion would have been handy, we lost ours and had to go to guest services to get another
  • Being told before we arrived to use the second entrance onto the resort and car park to save us having to move closer after checking in
  • A slide for the ‘inbetweenie’ ages would be fab in Splash


This is a whistle-stop tour of Butlin’s at Minehead, but there are more posts to come (there is just so much to share!) – is there anything in particular you want to know about Butlin’s?


  1. Sounds like a great place to go with the family.

  2. Great review!
    Completely with you about Splash Waterworld. We loved it but found our 3 yo’s weren’t occupied as much as the 5yo. Having just got back from Skegness, where I think they’ve recently relaunched Waterworld- I definitely hope the same might happen to Minehead soon!!

  3. Sounds like you had a really fun time despite a couple of issues. I agree with you about Splash. We were quite disappointed at Bognor that there just wasn’t much Little Mr A could go on – we ended up spending most of our time in the Fairground and the Little A’s Gramps had as much fun as your Grampsy!

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