Butlin’s Minehead

During the May half term we ventured to the Butlin’s Resort in Minehead. I wanted to share a video of some of the things you would find there – An A-Z guide similar to one I shared last year of the Bognor Regis Resort.

There of course will be a review coming very shortly of our trip, keep your eyes peeled if you want to read about the food, the accommodation and the entertainment.

We received a break from Butlin’s as part of our role as Butlin’s Ambassadors


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  1. A great little video that gives a quick overview of all the things Butlins has to offer!

  2. Looking forward to reading your full review.

  3. i need to show it to my husband! we would love to go!

  4. A great little video that really shows so much. I remember your one from last year. It’s not what I expected from Butlins, it’s changed so much for the better đŸ™‚

  5. I’m amazed you managed to find something for every letter, it must have taken ages! Great video and I look forward to reading your full review.

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