Carbon Monoxide

SInce becoming a mum I have worried about things that I had never even thought about before, is it just me? One of those things is Carbon Monoxide. I don’t know whether it is directly related to being a mum or whether it is just that I am older and more aware of risks – it is probably a mixture of both isn’t it!?

“Every year in the UK, more than 200 people go to hospital with suspected carbon monoxide poisoning, and around 40 people die.”

Unfortunately carbon monoxide is a real risk, people get really poorly from carbon monoxide poisoning and it can be fatal, and to top it off like most nasty illnesses small children and the elderly are most at risk too.

I think the most worrying thing about Carbon Monoxide is that you can’t see it, it has no smell and it is tasteless; so you don’t know it is there. The only way to know is if you have a carbon monoxide detector! We have one and if anyone is poorly in our house it is one of the things I check – is the green light still flashing?JPL_8647

CORGI HomePlan is campaigning for every home to get a carbon monoxide detector, so that they can keep their family safe.

“In the last three years, an estimated one in six homes inspected by the Gas Safe Register was found to have an unsafe gas appliance and one in eleven has an unsafe boiler”

To help families be aware of the dangers of the gas appliances in their own home Corgi HomePlan have a microsite , it is packed full of easy to follow advice. You can find information on warning signs to look out for within your home and use it as a reference resource to protect yourself and your family!Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 22.36.01There are symptoms to look out for; the main ones being Headaches, Dizziness, Nausea, Breathlessness, Collapse and Loss of consciousness.  But the best way to know is to get a detector fitted, do you have one?

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  1. I have three at home! I’m so worry that I have it in every corner!

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