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You may have seen that I was looking for someone to sponsor me to go to Cybermummy (Parent bloggers Conference). I really wanted to go and knew that I really wanted to work with a company whose product complimented my life as a mummy and my blog.

I was over the moon when I got an offer from Diane Mayze who’s company does just that, so I am really pleased to introduce you to my Sponsor for Cybermummy.

Buggy Tug is the UK’s first pram wrist strap, it is designed so if you do happen to take your hands off the pram for whatever reason the pram will not roll away from you! The straps are very simple, made of a comfy material that connects to your pram and slips on your wrist!

You can find out more on their website and don’t forget to follow on Twitter too!

Di is lovely and not only runs Buggy Tug but also a lovely little Cafe in Nottingham. Up is where I met up with Diane and it is definitely worth a visit if you are in the area, it is homely and has lots on offer!  I am really chuffed that Di is sponsoring me to go to Cybermummy and am looking forward to working with her and Buggy Tug!

Look out for a follow up post soon to give you more info about the Buggy Tug itself, I just wanted to introduce you all to my lovely sponsor!

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