Chatting With Children by I CAN – A Review

I CAN is a children’s communication charity, they exist to ensure that no child is left out or left behind because of a difficulty speaking or understanding. They want everyone to be aware of how important communication is, they do it through raising awareness of problems faced, giving advice, providing assessments of children, giving professionals skills and by use of fantastic resources,

Following the success of Babbling Babies and Toddler Talk, two activity packs launched last year to help parents enhance their children’s speaking and listening skills, I CAN, the children’s communication charity, is delighted to unveil a brand new pack – Chatting with Children.

‘Chatting with children’ is an activity pack with 30 fun and interactive cards that help parents and practitioners to encourage the development of young children’s communication skills.

The activity cards are lovely, they are a nice size (Approx A5) and come in a hard box; great for storage and for protecting the cards!  There are five titled sections which are colour coded, there is ‘listening and attention’, ‘understanding what is said’, ‘learning and using new words’,  ‘speaking in sentences’ and ‘talking socially’ . There is a main card that tells you all about it and then a selection of games too.

The Monkey and The Mouse had some real fun testing out the games, some are simple (a stop and go game) and some a little more complex, but they are fab and can be used to fill some quality time or even use them as party games!

I can see real benefits of this pack, as simple as some of the games seem, they are perfect for developing language and understanding, and the fact they are easy just means that anyone can use them! I can’t wait to take them in to work, I know some families that will benefit from them!!  If you work with Children, have children or child mind children I would say you need these cards!

If you want to buy this pack or any other the other, head over to the The ICAN Bookshop!

Any parent with a question or concern about their child’s communication can contact the I CAN Help Enquiry Service for a call or email from a speech and language therapist – visit

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