Jan 18

Chic Unique Review and Competition

I’m not one for wearing much jewellery, I wear my engagement and wedding ring on my left hand and an eternity ring on my right hand all the time and that’s about it! I’ll put on a necklace for special occasions – mainly weddings, but it is rare!

After spending over three years pregnant/post baby I decided at the end of last year that I needed treating and one way to do it was to start getting some jewelery and accessories that I could wear everyday to jazz up my mummy (and work) outfits..so when Lizzie from Chic Unique asked me if I would like to review one of their items – I of course jumped at the chance!

The item I was sent was this lovely piece:

The necklace is a silver chain with an acrylic K and three little sparkly stones, topped off with a little star and a ‘Chic Unique tag’ which are both lovely touches! It’s so so cute and the K is a very pretty pink! It is very comfortable to wear (even for me who is not used to wearing necklaces) as it’s light and can been worn with most outfits.  It will certainly add something to my wardrobe – I love it!!  I have to also say Lizzie is fab, I would definitely recommend checking out her Etsy Shop and Emma’s Attic and if you like what you see but have something more particular in mind I’m sure Lizzie would be willing to look at making something special for you!

Just to prove how lovely Lizzie really is she has also given me a prize to give to one of you! The prize is this necklace, another very cute item, it has a gold  chain, and a piece of cake charm, again with a star and a Chic unique tag!

Sorry my photo doesn’t do it justice!

So what do you have to do, simply head over to the Chic Unique Etsy shop and have a look around, then come back and tell me in a comment below if you were going to buy an item, what would it be! You don’t have to be a subscriber to the blog, but it would be nice!

And the winner is……

Congratulations to Jade Phillips (I will email you very shortly!)

Terms: Competition will close Wednesday 26th January 2011 at 8pm, anyone can enter providing they leave a way to contact them if they win (e.g. email, twitter ID), Winner will be picked at random!


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  1. Erica

    I liked the Infinity Ring Brass necklace. @ericahughes

  2. Linz Wileman

    Lovin’ the “Hello sailer charm bracelet” – i’m very much into the whole nautical navy and white theme at the moment and this would go perfectly!

  3. lauren conway

    i’d either buy the run rabbit run acrylic necklace,or the beautiful brown tone multi bead and swallow and heart bracelet. both are gorgeous!

  4. Amanda Moss

    I love the mum-to-be baby bracelets, so cute!! All her pieces are absolutely lovely though…. @mandy4baz

  5. lynn savage

    I love the teeny tiny scissor earings, there’s quite a few really nice things there

  6. Fi star-stone

    Oooh I’m loving the multi charm green necklace with stars! (I’m a bit of a star mad jewellery fan and often think I should perhaps ease back on the star theme but I can’t seem to stop!)

    would love to be entered to win the cake slice necklace-maybe it’ll stop me eating so much cake and get my before two babies in a two years figure back! Hmmm?

  7. kay wilkinson

    I love the brass ring infinity necklace, it’s lovely! :O) Love the positive messages on it, and it’s very pretty.

  8. Catherine Miller

    There are some lovely items there but my favourite would have to be the beautiful brown tone multi bead and swallow and heart bracelet. I have a thing for bracelets! @katylittlelady

  9. Lorrie

    I’d have trouble choosing just one but the “could it be magic” necklace is at the top of my list — love the idea of being able to ask for it to be customised

  10. Anthony Elvy

    The retro cherry ring was cool. Pressie for one of the girls 🙂

  11. Tracy B

    I really like the Marylin Monroe necklace, very pretty!

    Thank you for the competition!

  12. Claire

    ‘cut of beauty scissors’ – so different and so pretty.

  13. Yvonne Brownsea

    I’m a massive sci-fi fan so it has to be the Star Wars R2D2 necklace – how fab is that?!

  14. Lorraine Crighton

    I’d choose the ‘mum mum-to-be baby bracelets’ – for my son’s girlfriend as their baby is due in June

  15. Lorraine Crighton

    I’d choose the ‘mum mum-to-be baby bracelets’ – for my son’s girlfriend as their baby is due in June

  16. Julie Booth

    I love the Infinity ring brass necklace. Its so unique and beautiful.

  17. michelle m

    I Love the “diamante teddy necklace” it’s so cute but it was hard to choose, i could easily list a few more :).

    twitter @shell21m

  18. hannah clementson

    I would pick the paris necklace with the pink rose how cute!!

    I think it’s really nice she gave you a piece to use as a competition and the cake is a lovely necklace 🙂

  19. Mel Chambers

    There’s loads that I’d buy, but I’d start with the ‘Could it be magic’ necklace

  20. Gaby Lydiate

    I love the “beautiful brown tone multi bead and swallow and heart bracelet”.

  21. carole

    the diamante teddy necklace

  22. janice taylor

    Lovely things especially love the scissor earrings.

  23. bev_metallica on Twitter

    I have to go for the scissor earrings! I used to have some in the ’80s and LOVED them – they looked so cool with a pair of zip earrings in the holes above. In fact, I might go and treat myself to another pair of scissor earrings now I know where to get them from!

  24. emmawolski@hotmail.com

    Loving the time for teacups!!

  25. Lux

    If I could pick just one thing, the sewing machine necklace. But it would be even better if I had the scissor earrings to go with.


    I would buy the nautical-earrings as this would be great when I dress up as Captain Hook for book week I’m a teaching Assiastant week. @needaphone

  27. Sarah Laycock

    If I had the choice of anything on that lovely site, it would be the birdcage with bird gold plated necklace – exquisite. Am following blog

  28. LISA

    brass ring infinity necklace

  29. MARK

    mum-to-be baby bracelets


    scissor earrings

  31. Thelma

    diamante teddy necklace

  32. Nickie C

    I like the gorgeous handmade ribbon flower necklace. 🙂


  33. thomas

    Hello sailer charm bracelet

  34. denise cross

    I likw the green multi-charm necklace. a wonderfful website -w ill be looking back there for inspiration and pressies

  35. katrinamhunter@gmail.com

    beautiful green tone multi charm star earrings – thats amazingly pretty.. love them!!!!

  36. Laura Pritchard

    I’d buy the vintage look flower locket, it’s gorgeous!

  37. claire woods

    I would buy the handmade crochet LOVE necklace – perfect to wear on Valentine’s Day.


    Love the mum-to-be baby bracelets my wife would love them also as she is expecting, but saying that there all lovely in there own way.

  39. jonathan reed

    i like the diamante teddy necklace

  40. Hayley Todd

    I adore the Infinity Ring Brass Necklace – one because it’s gorgeous but also because my husband and I have always said Love You For Infinity so this would be just perfect!

  41. suzzee langton

    the brass ring infinity necklace pleaseeeeeeeeeeee

  42. Belinda Matthews

    If i where going to buy an item it would be the diamante teddy necklace.

    Contact at


  43. Susannah Leggatt

    I really love handmade crochet LOVE necklace. Anything that looks hand made and crafty get my vote. Love the bright red too.

  44. Emily Hutchinson

    I’d choose Lego Harry Potter necklace 🙂

  45. lorna anderson

    the ‘Could it be magic’ necklace is lovley

  46. a farrey

    love the diamante teddy necklace

  47. jade phillips

    Nautical Anchor Necklace..its adorable and so cute 🙂

  48. Christine Johnson

    The vintage look bow locket, but there are lots of lovely pieces of jewellery

  49. Kate Coldicott

    I like the VALENTINES multi charm heart and bow bracelet. It is bright and pretty.

  50. greigspencer@live.co.uk

    loads of good dtuff on there lol but i really like the diamante teddy necklace its sooo cool lol


  51. Hazel

    The scissor earrings are very cute!

  52. Louise Blackah

    red rose and gold leaf set. Beautiful!


    i love the ‘could it be magic ‘ necklace.

    @jadlgw on twitter

    Jude x

  54. mary cawley

    Love the me to you teddy charm necklace x x BEAutiful x x

  55. Kelly

    Competition is now closed! Thank you so much for your entries, keep your eyes peeled for the winner!

  56. Anna

    I like mum mum-to-be baby bracelets

  57. danielle baker

    ooooooh! my abzolute favourite haz to be ‘Could It Be Magic’ ! xxx

  58. christine veronica taylor

    I love the mum-to-be baby bracelets,theyre gorgeous @v82chris x

  59. Lindy Hine

    The Infinity Ring Brass necklace was lovely – I’d pick that!

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