Children’s Birthday!

As you will have read on this blog, last week we had two birthdays! Legs turned three on Wednesday and Mouse turned 1 on Saturday. So it was a bit of a manic week, especially after two months of illness! I was a little worried that it would all be a bit of a bust and not special at all, but it was fab! A great time was had by all and some special touches made it even better!!

We had a trip to soft play on the Wednesday followed by Pizza Hut buffet (YUM) with Granny and Grampsy, and giant chocolate cupcake birthday cake (double YUM) to top the day off! Then on the Saturday we had a family party, buffet food (triple YUM), jelly and two more giant cupcakes (Banana this time – quadruple YUM!). Oh and I mustn’t forget the pin the tale of the donkey, more fun for the adults I think!

Oh and we had some awesome party bags for the kids too – review coming  later today!

I have to say though – I am shattered now!

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