Chocolate Egg Suprise!

I recently went to Manchester for Blog on Xmas and it was great (I will tell you more about that at another time), buy ativan vs lorazepam 1 mg online probably the most frequently prescribed anxiety medicine is ativan or lorazepam, whilst I was there I discovered the Chocolate Egg Surprise and knew that it would be something my kids would want to get their hands on!

So, when I was offered one to test run, you bet I said a very quick yes!Photo 25-10-2017, 14 19 19

The Chocolate Egg Surprise Maker is from Jakks and suitable for ages 6 +. There are 24 pieces in the box; the chocolate egg surprise maker, 1 dispenser, 2 egg moulds, 4 capsules (2 each of pink and blue), 10 chocolate measuring bags and 6 foils – to decorate. Photo 25-10-2017, 14 22 16The chocolate Egg maker is really simple to use if you follow the instructions; they are clear and are done by step by step. The first thing you do is measure out your chocolate and place in the measuring bag. You then put the bag in warm water and leave for ten minutes or so whilst the chocolate melts. I have never melted chocolate like this before, but it was really effective! Photo 25-10-2017, 14 31 21 (1)The Monkey and The Mouse were loving that they could do it without any help. While we waited for the chocolate to melt they filled the capsules to surprise each other – of course they wanted to fill their chocolate with sweets, however, you can put anything in it – bracelets, blind bag characters, trinkets, notes Photo 25-10-2017, 14 33 54Once your capsule is full of goodies, place it in an egg mould and lock it up, then place into the egg maker – this is nice and simple just push into the slot!

You then take the bag of melted chocolate and snip off the top and place the head of the dispenser into it, securing it in place and then placing it in the hole at the top if the Egg maker. You push down on the plunger and the chocolate spreads down into the mould and covers your capsule. There is something strangely satisfying about seeing the chocolate slowly surround the capsule.

Photo 25-10-2017, 14 40 49Once completely covered you pull the mould back out of the maker and place the whole thing in the freezer to set the chocolate. Once set you can free the egg and cover in the foil to make it look pretty before you give to the lucky recipient. The monkey and The mouse exchanged eggs and were so happy with the result. It was an egg made from thick yummy chocolate and with a lovely surprise inside! What could be more fun!

The only down fall I found was that some of the pieces (not all) were a little tricky to clean so that job got left up to me!Photo 25-10-2017, 15 44 14We absolutely loved spending time together making chocolate Eggs and will definitely be doing it again, the children already have a list of people they want to make eggs for. This is a great kit, easy to use and easy to store. I would definitely recommend this as a fun thing to do, would be a perfect gift too.

Available from all good toys stores.

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