Christmas with Baker Ross

It is starting to look a lot like Christmas; well it is here, the tree is up and there are crafty bits all over (and I mean all over) the house. Monkey and Mouse thought Christmas had come early when our latest Baker Ross Box arrived!IMG_0608As usual the box was filled with colourful packaging holding exciting crafts and lots of fun, the kids could not wait to get going with them! They wanted to get started straight away with the Angel Peg Doll Kits and the Christmas Tree Decorations

Monkey and Mouse grabbed our craft box and they got colouring, sticking and decorating the trees. They are fab little blanks and very easy to use. In the Angel packs there is everything you need to make the angels;, there are a couple of bits that need PVA glue but most bits are self sticking and they work really well. The kids loved these and I have a feeling we will have them displayed for a while!

The christmas crafts available are awesome and look so good when made, we moved on to the Nativity Stained Glass Lanterns and the Gingerbread Decoration Sewing Kits. I love how each kit develops a different skill, Mouse particularly love the lanterns and how they looked afterwards. The completed ones will be heading into school to help decorate tables for the christmas dinner they have!

Monkey really got into the sewing, he concentrated so hard and only needed minimal help when a couple of holes needed popping out. He was really pleased with the results to (as was I), the gingerbread decorations are so cute and can be hing on the tree or as stand alone decorations!

So much crafty fun already and there is more to come, Baker Ross also have a Snowman House kit which we will be building this weekend to go in the middle of our Christmas Table. The pack has one house in it so I have to wait for a slot where Monkey and Mouse are in good moods to be able to do it together and when I can supervise the sharing!

There are awesome Christmas Present Foam Stickers (that are actually patterned so they can be used anytime of the year), they are self sticking and stick really well to your crafts.

We can’t wait to create with the patterned card too, we are going to make some stars to decorate the front window with, we may even attempt the candle holders. I will share pictures of further makes on my instagram (@_moolboots)

Baker Ross is fantastic and has a massive range of crafts perfect for this time or any time of the year. Their Christmas range is brilliant and there is something for everyone. Do you like Christmas Crafts?

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  1. The Baker Ross kits are great aren’t they. I love your trees!

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