Christmas with Paladone (Review)

Christmas is just around the corner, There is only one week to go. If you are anything like me, you are probably still Christmas Shopping. I have definite gaps in my lists for people and to add to that Hubby’s birthday is New Year’s Eve!

Luckily Paladone have some brilliant products to suit all and even better for me…. they sent me some to have a look at and tell you about!

When the box arrived there was much excitement and on opening the box there was even more! I actually think Hubby and Me were the most excited about these items. Paladone have themed products ranging from film to Gaming to Comics; there really is something to suit everyone in our family and a lot of people we know! We couldn’t wait to get stuck in!

The thing that caught hubby’s eye first (and the thing he tried to run off) with was The Tie Fighter Posable Desk Lamp; absolutely perfect for the ‘Massive Star Wars Fan who has just started up his Freelance business’ in him.

It is made of plastic with the exception  of the base that is metal. The stand is posable to suit your needs and can be extended to approximately 60cm tall. The base has a felt bottom to stop any scratches to your desk too.

It looks fantastic and will be a permanent fixture on hubby’s desk (although I am thinking of taking it back and wrapping it up for his birthday and then he is sorted!).

Next up is the Nintendo Game Boy Watch – In this house you are either someone who can remember playing on a Game Boy (Tetris was my fave) or someone who has seen one at Nanny’s house and think it is so Retro it is cool (The Game Boy actually entered the world before my children did!). My son will sit for hours – if we let him – playing on Tetris!

The watch has a grey strap, the Game Boy design and a digital display. Most of all; this watch is awesome, it looks exactly like a miniature Game Boy; it is not too big and not too small. It is strong enough to actually be worn and used. Son thinks it is brilliant and has claimed this to be his…because he is the ‘biggest gamer’ in the house!

To top off this amazing package we received the Playstation Controller Mug, Based on the console (which we have and love), this mug is grey and has a handle that replicates a controller.

On the main body of the mug there is the Playstation Logo and the four button symbols – It is the perfect size for your cuppa or a drink or juice if preferred!  It really is a great gift for any fan of any age and I know it will get a lot of use in our house. The only problem we will have is locating it and everyone will be using it and trying to keep it for themselves!


If you want to see more about these products or products like them, visit their website


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    • Jenny @thebrickcastle on December 19, 2018 at 08:48
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    Some great gifts there. Paladone are a staple in our house and have been for years- I love that desk lamp!

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