Coffee, Cake and Charity with M&S

Yesterday was the last day of the school holidays, there were a few bits we needed to get in town before Monkey and Mouse went back to school today but we wanted to make the last day of the holidays was fun; so we took the new tram into town and decided to start with elevenses.

We headed to Marks & Spencer in Nottingham as we knew there would be some delicious cakes to choose from! Surprisingly we all ended up choosing pastries instead of cakes, but I have to say thy were delicious! Just what I needed before we headed to the shops.20150902_102149Whilst we were there, I noticed something that I thought I would share. M&S are supporting the Macmillan Cancer ‘World’s biggest coffee morning’; they have worked with Macmillan raising money since 2010 and have raised a lot!

To help them all you need to do is choose to drink you coffee and eat your cake in M&S during September! M&S will donate money for cake and coffee sold this month to celebrate the Macmillan Biggest Coffee Morning on Friday 25th September 2015.

They really do have lots of cakes to choose from too, whilst we were there we saw a most delicious looking chocolate cake (the slice of which looked big enough to feed the three of us), Lemon Muffins and some (warm straight out of the oven) Cheese Scones.

The kids loved their last day before school, for a start they felt really grown up drinking Elderflower fizzy and selecting their own cake with tongs!  We did the shopping and headed back on the tram, a quick trip to the park and getting caught in the rain finished the day but when Daddy came home from work all they could talk about was their elevenses!

I have not been asked to write this post, I just love that cake can help charity and thought that you may want to know about it! We will definitely be choosing to have our coffee stops at M&S in September and next time I will be having a piece of that Chocolate cake! 20150902_132036



  1. Mmm, love a slice of cake in M&S, will definitely have to pop in there during September to support this great cause!

  2. What a great idea, sadly our nearest M&S stores don’t have a cafe, but if I end up in MK, I will remember this.

  3. Brilliant ideas! Shamed we don’t have m&s nearby. otherwise would love to support them.

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