Colored Building Blocks Maxi Haba – Review

I have been sent the Coloured Building Blocks Maxi by Haba for review and I was so happy to receive them, children I know love building (and knocking down!)

On entering the room with the box, Legs (3yr) was literally jumping up and down with excitement and Mouse (1yr) was soon swept up in the fun and both were squealing with delight when we actually opened the box to reveal a lovely reusable fabric bag holding even lovelier coloured blocks! They couldn’t wait to get them spread over the floor and start playing!

We set to building straight away, towers, castles, bridges, skylines the lot, we had so much fun and the kids didn’t want them to go away at bedtime!

The blocks themselves are fab, well-made, colourful, safe and perfect at what they are for, they are fine for knocking down too! You even get four special acrylic see through blocks, which Legs loved!  It comes with 54 pieces, which is a great set to have, enough to build a really good structure, but you can always add more!

The colours are bright and attractive and this is one of the best sets of building blocks I have seen! They encourage construction, shape awareness and in our case playing together too!

They state on the box ages 1-8, which I was a little dubious about as normally my two like different types of toys and there is only 2 years between them. I needn’t have worried they both loved these and my 6 year old nephew enjoyed building with them too!

This set definitely receives a massive thumbs up from the household, in fact Legs says they are ‘Amazing’


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