Oct 27

*Competition* Learn French With Max and Mathilde

This competition is now closed and the winner is……………..

(the winner had to be re-drawn due to the original one not claiming their prize!)


I recently promised to launch a competition, so here goes!

I have to offer a Ladybird Book and CD called Learn French with Max et Mathilde: Les Couleurs/Colours. It is a lovely book for Children who are learning french at school (and even for those that are not). Wonderfully illustrated this fun book will give children enjoyment as they read the simple story and join Max and Mathilde having fun speaking french and singing songs! The book assures me that no previous French Speaking experience is necessary as there is a full translation at the back of the book and on the CD!

So just a little prize, but a good one – perfect for a stocking filler or for a little treat!

So, what do you have to do?

It’s an easy entry, all you have to do is leave a comment that says who you would give it to or read it with if you won!

For Bonus entries, you can…

Subscribe to the blog using the widget top right (Leave me a comment to say you have)

Like me on Facebook (Leave a comment to say you have!)

Follow me on Twitter and Tweet ‘I want to Learn French with @MoolBoots and #win a Children’s book http://wp.me/p14X28-11X ‘ (Again leaving a comment to say you have!)

SO a possible four entries, you must do the first one to qualify for the others!

Judges decision is final!
Competition ends 3rd November at 18.00pm
Winner has two weeks to claim prize otherwise a new winner will be picked!
This competition is not linked to Ladybird or any other company.


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  1. Emma walters (@emmav6)

    would love this for my boys 🙂

  2. Emma walters (@emmav6)

    subscribe to your blog

  3. Emma walters (@emmav6)

    like on fb

  4. grumpyishmum

    My eldest (5yo) son would love this. He’s recently taken an interest in the concept of people not living in our country. Weirdly, he has it in his mind that French people are really good at making things … But they have no clothes?! Kids are crazy lol x

  5. Kirsty Fox

    I would give this to my 6 year old son, he would love it!

  6. Kirsty Fox

    I subscribe via email – robertfox24[at]aol[dot]com

  7. Kirsty Fox

    I like your Facebook page – Kirsty Fox

  8. Kirsty Fox

    I follow on Twitter and have tweeted – @bloomingfox

  9. Fiona Martin

    I would read it with Miss M, she’s already got a little activity book in French/English so this would be great to help her learn!

  10. Fiona Martin

    I’ve liked you on Facebook

  11. Fiona Martin

    I follow you on Twitter and have tweeted.


  12. Saran Benjamin

    I would give it to my nephew

  13. Saran Benjamin

    Liking on Facebook

  14. Saran Benjamin

    Following and rt on @007bambam

  15. ashleigh

    I would read it with my daughter if i was lucky enough to win!

  16. ashleigh

    i am following and have tweeted as @ashlallan

  17. Chris Andrews

    l’d give this to my grandson Jake…….il l’aimerais, j’en suis convaincu

  18. Catherine Thomas

    Would give to my nephew Jack.. we would have great fun reading it together!

  19. Catherine Thomas

    Liked on FB (Catherine Hayley Thomas) Followed on twitter & tweeted (Highlandgirl)

  20. clairew137

    I would give this to my son Samuel.

  21. clairew137

    liked on fb as claire samuel

  22. clairew137

    Followed on twitter and tweeted @clairew137

  23. clairew137

    Following blog via email.


    Morning. to my grand daughter, we are one of the few countries, that people do not have a second language, and i think it is important they learn

  25. Eileen Teo

    i would give it to my son but it is a bit late. he is in paris enjoying himself with my sister for his half term break.

  26. Eileen Teo

    had like your facebook page

  27. Eileen Teo

    follow and tweet

  28. Emma Wolski

    I would read this to my nephews!

  29. Emma Wolski

    Tweeted @noconawolsk

  30. Natasha Gandy

    My daughter – she loves learning French in school x

  31. Natasha Gandy

    Tweeted as @pinktash4

  32. Natasha Gandy

    Liked on FB 🙂 Natasha Gandy x

  33. Natasha Gandy

    Subscribed by email x

  34. Anthony G

    I’d read this with my son

  35. Anthony G

    Liked on FB

  36. Anthony G

    Following and tweeted. @anthony_g6000

  37. anna

    Hi 🙂 I would use it with all my boys. My 2nd is about to start montessori nursery in jan and they actually teach the kids french there! although not sure if he will be able to pick it up but always good for them to be exposed to different languages, my 4 year old would probably be able to pick it up I think.

  38. anna

    followed with email

  39. anna

    liked you on fb (anna marikar)

  40. anna

    followed on twitter and tweeted (@ummziyad)

  41. Karen

    My daughter would love this, so I’d give it to her

  42. Victoria Leedham

    This would be fab for my youngest 2 🙂

  43. Christina

    For my grandchildren, Alex and Jessica

  44. Christina

    sorry – have also liked you on facebook

  45. Eleanor Jones

    I would give it to my sister 🙂

  46. Wild Hendry

    I’ve retweeted this, je voudrais le cd sil vous plait madame, bises, Wild Hendry, petit bebe avec internet access @realwildhendry

  47. James Seale

    I would read it as I would like to learn a little bit of French.

  48. Adrian Clarke

    My nephews as were off to France next summer.

  49. valerie mccarthy

    I would read it to my daughter

  50. sue willshee

    I’d read it with Piper aged 5 because it’s supposed to be easiest to learn another language when you are young. Piper already says some Spanish (thanks to Dora the explorer) so this would be a great addition to that!

  51. sue willshee

    Subscribed to the blog via email @piperanddaisy

  52. sue willshee

    Liked on Facebook as sue willshee @piperanddaisy

  53. sue willshee

    Following on Twitter and have Tweeted @piperanddaisy

  54. Margaret Norton

    I would give it to my daughter, She’s 5 and has already picked up a few words of Spanish but this would be much more useful as she’ll start learning French in school next year!

  55. Margaret Norton

    Already like you on facebook if that counts!

  56. Louise

    I would give it to my eldest as he learnt some french at preschool and loved it

  57. Louise

    have tweeted

  58. Louise

    already follow on twitter

  59. Helen O'Keeffe

    I would give it to my 7 yo girl – she is the perfect age to pick up language!

  60. Helen O'Keeffe

    following your blog!:)

  61. Helen O'Keeffe

    following on twitter (@staffstechgirl) and tweeted

  62. Helen O'Keeffe

    liked on facebook too!

  63. David Price

    I would give it to my sons

  64. David Price

    I followed and tweeted https://twitter.com/Circles_of_mind/status/264608877344075776

  65. David Price

    I followed by email

  66. David Price

    I’ve liked on facebook


  67. Hayley Todd

    I would love to share this with my little girl. She can already speak English and is very good at Welsh even though she is only 3 and seems to have a natural ability for languages, so would love this for her.

  68. Hayley Todd

    I am already a liker of your facebook page

  69. Hayley Todd

    I follow you on twitter as @solarsangel and have tweeted the competition message x

  70. janine atkin (@zeniebeenie)

    id give it to my son. they do french classes at school and he really enjoys it

  71. janine atkin (@zeniebeenie)

    im following on twitter and have tweeted

  72. Sally Hall

    would love this tweeted @halleygal


    I would give it to my granddaughter who is 6 and just the perfect age to start to enjoy learning a language

  74. Alexander Jones

    I would read it with my daughter. She isn’t yet two but we are trying to get her used to the idea that there are other countries that speak different languages

  75. Alexander Jones

    I have subscribed to your blog

  76. Alexander Jones

    I have followed you on twitter and have tweeted @curiousgregor

  77. Erica Price

    Would give this to my son.

  78. Erica Price

    Liked on fb

  79. Erica Price

    Following and tweeted @ericahughes

  80. bex downey

    to my little son…

  81. Suman Sharma

    My neice Sanjana has just started to learn French at school. I’m sure she would love the book.

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