Dec 09

Competition – Pretend we are having fun!

Let me introduce you to a web comic I love. The Monkey and The Mouse is an online comic written by a dad about his two children and the funny things they get up to.  It is one of those ‘it’s funny because it’s true’ comics.

Ok, I admit it, apart from it being really funny, I love it because it is based on my ‘Monkey and Mouse’. This comic is written by Daddy! PWHF 2

The ‘Pretend we are having fun’ book is the ultimate collection of the comic strips. it contains over 160 strips of the popular comic all in one place. There are 60 pages of fun and frolics and any parent will relate to the funny anecdotes describes as it goes through many situations of under fives!

It is a perfect stocking fillers for a parent, grandparent or a parent to be! Daddy and Piddley Pix have decided to offer a copy of the comic book and a couple of extras to one of my readers! So if you fancy brightening up someone’s (or your own) Christmas Reading, enter using the rafflecopter below!PWHF 1

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  1. anna

    they say the most funny things 😀

  2. Tracy Nixon

    The things they come out with – so random!

  3. katrina day-reilly

    the funny things they say

  4. Jenny @ The Brick Castle

    I like it when they think you’re not capable of understanding/seeing/hearing them, and they’re doing something a little bit naughty… 😀

  5. Mummy of Two

    The things my son says are just so funny!

  6. lorraine stone

    I love the way that they laugh unselfconsciously, makes me want to laugh too!

  7. Kay panayi

    Some of the things my son says I swear he has no filter

  8. Holly S

    The way they try and reason with you when they want something in the supermarket! “But I neeeeed it…”

  9. christine shelley

    The way they always let you down (in the nicest possible way)

  10. clair downham


  11. Sarahann Tonner

    Their brutal honesty 🙂 x

  12. Tammy Tudor

    They are so innocent and half the time they don’t even know why they are funny!

  13. Robyn Logan Clarke

    My sons determination in trying to convince me that he should be allowed to stay up later

  14. Laura Claridge

    The things that they say……..innocence!! 🙂

  15. Hannah ONeill

    The conversations they have

  16. David Jackson

    the things they say there funny faces

  17. Diana

    Absolutely everything :}

  18. jodie harvey

    everything, especialy my 4, the older 3 come out with some very funny things and the baby has a funny dance when the soap music comes on 🙂

  19. Ellen Arnison

    Something is more important than life itself then you can distract them with a biscuit.

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