Sep 24

Competition – Q Pootle 5 Book

QP5 GROUP WAVE LOGOQ Pootle 5, is the friendly little alien who first appeared in the best-selling books by the hugely popular children’s author and illustrator Nick Butterworth. He has since made the leap from page to screen. Creative and resourceful, Q Pootle 5 and his friends find fun and adventure wherever they go, with stories that will spark children’s imaginations everywhere and on Monday 23rd September we saw the start of some brand new episodes on Cbeebies!

Nick Butterworth really is brilliant, we have been long time fans of his books and are happy to see that we can now catch his creation on the TV too, a great show that the little ones can really enjoy!

The show has friendship at it’s heart and is so much fun! You can find out more on Facebook. I am very lucky to be able to offer you are competition to win a Q Pootle 5 book, all you have to do is use the Rafflecopter Widget below to enter!

Q Pootle 5 (Book 1) Cover

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  1. Jo Glasspool

    I love that it has something for all ages (kids) and tastes. They really know how to capture the kids imaginations and make learning fun. x

  2. melanie stirling

    There are a great selection and mixture of entertaining programs.

  3. Ashleigh Allan

    I love that the kids love them!

  4. Mummy of Two

    It has educational shows as well as fun ones

  5. Paula Harvey

    Great presenters with a great mix of fun and educational programs for all children!

  6. Lynsey Buchanan

    The presenters

  7. zoe lucas

    they have a wide variety of educational programs that are all age appropriate

  8. julie perry

    I love the great variety of programmes,from Cartoon type to ‘real’ people type. Keeps my kids happy 🙂

  9. Leanne Newsome

    My little one loves all the programmes on cbeebies

  10. sofia ramos

    the cartoons they broadcast

  11. anna

    I love their range of programmes and that it keeps my little ones entertained

  12. iain maciver

    its great for the kids and maybe the bigger kids

  13. anthony harrington

    It’s great fun for all ages

  14. Lisa Cornfield

    This looks like and sounds a great wee show I,m going to watch it with my daughter. 🙂

  15. Tracy Nixon

    My kids all love it and sit together to watch it!

  16. Tina Holmes

    The morning programmes get my daughter up and moving 🙂

  17. katrina day-reilly

    That it keeps the kids entertained while I clean up lol

  18. Isabell Whitenstall

    I have just started to watch cbeebies with my grandson and I love the was he interacts with it.

  19. Laura Pritchard

    The songs the presenters do!

  20. jodie harvey

    the different variety of shows, educational, cookery, numbers, alphabet, music… must admit theres been a few times its taught me things i didnt know!

  21. claire woods

    No adverts and just some great programmes.

  22. Stephanie Tsang

    I love the variety of programmes on Cbeebies.

  23. aj

    love looking at all the birthday cards

  24. Rachael G

    That everything on it is child-friendly, that it is engaging for all young children and that there are no adverts! Perfect!

  25. Danielle Graves

    I love that a lot of the programmes teach something as well as being fun and entertaining.

  26. Tammy Tudor

    The variety of different shows!

  27. Sonia Vegas

    Watching CBeebies is a good excuse to sit down with the kids and become a kid myself all over again!


    ……………Jake’s face as he watches them

  29. Catherine V

    I love that It keeps the little ones entertained while I cook dinner & then finishes in time for ‘big people’ to relax and watch their telly!

  30. Evelyn Moffat

    They have a huge variety of programmes

  31. Emma Wolski

    The variety, the education and a bit of me time lol!


    Its so much Fun for little ones

  33. Gina

    I love that they offer age appropriate entertainment for my daughter

  34. Susan Taylor

    Keeps the kids quiet

  35. Diana Semionova

    It’s very colourful and baby friendly, love it and my baby loves it :}

  36. Karen R

    I love that they have such a good range of quality programmes that are perfect for tinies


    The variety of programmes.

  38. Emma Howard

    High quality programmes

  39. Catherine Rolfe

    The presenters

  40. Victoria Cunniff

    I love how there’s all different types of programmes – my baby loves all of it. From Postman Pat (although not as good as when I was little) to Chuggington, Mister Maker, Q Pootle or Timmy Time. They all keep her amused.

  41. Alison Smith

    I love that every programme has an educational element or lesson to be learnt 🙂

  42. Robyn Logan Clarke

    The guilt free 5 minutes of free time it gives me to do stuff

  43. natalie blyth

    great channel kids love it

  44. Ros Irwin

    The variety and the educational aspects

  45. leanne williams

    It has educational shows as well as fun ones

  46. Jane Middleton

    Love that they are fun and educational as well

  47. Sarah Parker

    My kids the educational shows 🙂

  48. Gary Martindale

    My kids love all the shows on there as they are educational and varied.

  49. Esme McCrubb

    I love how most of the programmes are educational

  50. Claire Butler

    I love how most of the programmes are educational and the kids dont even realise my son was only allowed cbeebies until age3 but inlaws let him watch nick jr and he was asking for otehr shows then

  51. hannah

    I love the variety throughout the day and the focus on different development milestones

  52. Jayne B

    Very colourful & fun fun fun!

  53. cathyj

    great variety of programs

  54. Rachael Jess

    Its easy viewing for adults and gives us a chance to talk to little ones about what is going on.

  55. Gary Topley

    I love the way it captures children as an audience and teaches them in different ways. x

  56. tracey gibbons

    the variety of shows, and the way my little boy smiles when he watches it

  57. laura avery

    Soemthing for everyone!

  58. joanne holton

    Keeps my boys entertained and its educational and fun!

  59. Susan Hall

    It can be very educational

  60. Joanne Welsh

    Keeps the nieces and nephews happy and entertained

  61. Amanda Milton

    All the programmes are educational and fun,and you never have worry about your children watching them

  62. Angie McDonald

    I love the variety of programmes available 🙂

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