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The UK went into Lockdown on the 23rd March (my Son’s birthday) and things have been different since! The post below has circulated Facebook and sums up the beginning of the Coronavirus Outbreak. I thought I would add it here so I have a record. Some things have already changed but wanted to have this in it’s original form! 

If you want up to date Coronavirus news, follow Jenny at The Brick Castle (either on her blog here or on her Facebook here )- she is doing daily updates and they are written so well; they make sense and are easy to understand, my now go to daily update! 

Here is the post –

Prime Minister Boris Johnson started lockdown on the evening of 23rd of March 2020 ?
On the 5th April he was admitted to hospital after 10 days self isolating with the Corona Virus ?
On the 6th April he is in intensive care with deteriorating symptoms ?
The Queen addressed the nation at 8pm on 5th April ?
Excel now known as NHS Nightingale and will be a hospital for up to 4,000 patients, most of whom are on ventilators. Similar venues being used in cities across the country. Opened by Prince Charles at 11am on 3rd April ?
Community support groups established, to support the vulnerable, elderly, immunocompromised and people in enforced isolation due to exposure, in their community ????
Petrol ⛽️ price close to home ? was £1.02.
Schools closed on Friday 20 March. ?Remote learning in place ?
Self-distancing measures required ☹️
Tape on the floors at grocery stores ❌ and others to help distance shoppers ? (2 mtrs) from each other.
Limited number of people inside stores, therefore, lineups outside the store doors ?
Non-essential stores and businesses mandated closed ? People who can work ??‍???‍? from home ?
Parks ? trails, entire cities ? closed or restricted to locals only in their bubble.
Entire sports ⚽️ ? ? seasons cancelled.
Olympics postponed to 2021. ??⚫??
Concerts ? tours ? festivals ?? entertainment events ? cancelled ?
Weddings ???? family celebrations ? holiday gatherings ?‍?‍?‍? even funerals ⚰️ cancelled ?
No masses, churches ⛪️ are closed ?
No gatherings of 50 or more, then 20 or more, then 10 or more. Now, Don’t socialize with anyone outside of your home bubble ⚗️
Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and all other TV networks are on in every home daily now ?
Children’s outdoor play parks are closed ?
We are to distance from each other. Shortage of masks ? gowns ? gloves ? for our front-line workers.
Shortage of ventilators for the critically ill ? in many parts of the world.
Refrigerated trucks for the dead outside hospitals in the USA ?? Italy ?? Spain ?? China ?? and more.
Panic buying ? sets in and we have limits on toilet paper ? disinfecting supplies, paper towels, staple foods ? hand sanitizer ? Flour is hard to get because the packaging comes from China ?? and borders are closed ?
Manufacturers ? distilleries and other businesses ? switch their lines to help make visors, masks ? hand sanitizer ? and PPE ?
Fines are established for breaking lockdown rules ?
Stadiums ? and recreation facilities overseas open up for the overflow of Covid-19 ? patients.
Public Park ? areas turned into caravan parks for stranded tourists to self isolate ?
Press conferences daily from the PM ?‍♂️ and other government ? officials. Daily updates on new cases, recoveries, and deaths ⚰️
Government ? incentives to stay home. Barely anyone on the roads ?
People wearing masks ? and gloves outside ?
Essential service workers are terrified to go to work ?? ??‍⚕️ ??
Medical field workers ??‍⚕️ are afraid to go home to their families ?‍?‍?
A 99 year old WWII veteran Captain Tom Moore raised £26 million for NHS charities walking 100 lengths of his garden before he turned 100. His target was £1000. People from all over the world donated to his cause. ??‍♂️???
82,195 deaths globally so far.
This is the Novel Coronavirus ? (Covid-19) Pandemic, WHO declared March 11th, 2020.
Why, you ask, do I write ? this status?
One day it will show up in my memory ? feed, and it will be a yearly reminder that life is precious and not to take the things we dearly love for granted ?
We have so much! ??
Be thankful. Be grateful ?
Be kind to each other – love one another – support everyone

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  1. That is a great post. I am glad I’ve documented so much, even though it’s taken away the last couple of months really – but I think it will be a blur to most people looking back. Thank you for your comments and endorsement, it really does mean a lot to me. You were one of the people I aspired to way back when I started blogging 😀 x

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