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We have seen a change in the weather and we are liking it. We love the sun and love being out in it. The Monkey and the Mouse are both lovers of the outdoors, but one day they couldn’t decide whether they wanted to go out in the garden or whether they wanted to stay indoors and play Star Wars.

After much deliberation they decided to take the indoors outside and play Star Wars in the garden.20150426_153330The lovely thing is that a lot of the Star Wars Toys are hubby’s from his childhood and the kids really love playing with them, they spent hours in the garden dreaming up battles and using different parts of the garden to acts as different planets and places.20150426_153452A few other characters snuck into the game too, not sure who they are! 20150426_153256 20150426_153421

Do your children like taking the indoors outside?
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


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  1. I love this, the outdoors is a great extension of inside and no one to tell you off for jumping around! I love the look of those old toys, no wonder your two enjoy playing with them. Perfect for making up adventures. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

  2. Monkey has a number of diggers, tractors and dumpers for his digging zone. Love imaginative play that spills out into the garden in better weather #CountryKids

  3. YES! Another Star Wars Inspired post! We love Star wars too 🙂 Looks Like you guys had fun…we went to Legoland on May 4 x #CountryKids

  4. Wow they are great Star Wars toys, my two would love those! We have moved a lot of the Little People and their houses outside now and they get played with a lot more!

  5. My two love being outside, they prefer that to inside so I often put a blanket down and they take their toys outside! Fab Star Wars toys by the way!

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