Crabtree & Evelyn and their Handy Tips

Last Friday I attended the Crabtree & Evelyn Handy Tips event at their Nottingham  store.

I was very excited when I received the invite, it promised to be a good evening; local bloggers getting together, a look in the store after hours and nibbles.

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I will  be honest, I had heard of Crabtree and Evelyn and had even seen a few of their products but I didn’t know much about them.  What better way to find out than spending some time with the staff who are around it all the time!

Jo (a friend) and I headed straight there from work, on arriving we had a lovely welcome from the team and was told to help ourselves to food and drinks — just what we needed after a long week at work.

So grabbing a glass of sangria and a sandwich we had a browse around the shop.

The first thing that struck me was how bright and lovely the shop was, it felt so comfortable and was almost like browsing in your living room, the second thing to get my attention was how big the range was. I did not realise how many different products they sold; including food and a mens range.


IMAG1397IMAG1394The staff had kindly stayed on for the evening to host us and tell us all about the products and they were all really knowledgable as well as really lovely ladies.  I spent quite a bit of time chatting to Pip the manager, it felt like she had all the time in the world to answer answer my questions!

I had spoken to some people before I went to the event and people seemed to have very set ideas of what Crabtree and Evelyn were; ‘for the older generation’, hmm I bought some rather gorgeous smelling Lip Butter that says different. ‘Very expensive’ – well I spotted some nail varnish that cost £6.00 which I thought was a very good price and pretty much the same as you would pay else where, they also have regular special offers on too!

Whilst we were there we were offered a hand treatment, a scrub clean and then a moisturising hand massage.  I chose the Pomegranate Scrub and at first had one hand done. It was actually amazing the difference in my two hands, immediately I felt like I had a new hand; even the colour looked different.

IMAG1399IMAG1390Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 21.42.31IMAG1401



We were sent home very happy, full of yummy treats and information. We were also handed a goody bag with some bits to try out! I was lucky to get a lovely pale blue nail polish, some Pear and pink magnolia body lotion and a tube of Eveylyn Rose Ultra Moisturising Hand Therapy – I will tell you about them soon! IMG_1307There was a tree to pop your handy tip on (a beauty secret that has been handed down to you.) We wrote them on a leaf and popped them on. If you share your tip you get a £5 voucher to spend with them.

Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 21.42.51IMAG1386

All in all it was a fantastic event, I am a definite new fan of Crabtree and Evelyn and have a long wish list (of what I would like to buy from them!

Have you ever used Crabtree & Evelyn?



  1. What a wonderful blogger evening. I have tried a few Crabtree & Evelyn products and although they are a bit more pricey than others, I do they they are exceptional quality and always worth their value.

  2. Sounds like a great event. I’ve heard of Crabtree and Evelyn but know nothing about them either!

  3. I’ve only really used their hand washes and hand moisturiser, which I do buy quite often. I had no ides they did food as well! They really are a lot broader than I knew at all 🙂

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