Craft Time Mosaics My Pretty Journal

Mouse is a massive craft fan so when I saw that reviewers were needed for the Craft Time Mosaics My Pretty Journal, I jumped at it! I knew that mouse would love to have a go and would tell you what she thought honestly! IMG_5508Within the set you get the journal (which is a lovely lined notepad), the mosaic squares in various colours and some gem stickers. IMG_5524Mouse was very excited, she liked that it is pink, she liked that it has lots of coloured squares, she loved that there were lots of sparkles on it. She could not wait to get stuck in decorating it and said she thought it was epic that after she had done her craft she could use the item even more! IMG_5534The square mosaics are very simple to use, you just peel and stick! There are pictures of squares on the journal to guide you where to put them. Mouse discovered that when you fold the book open the design looks like a butterfly! She loved this, her words were ‘that is amazing, I love it!’IMG_5551The paper inside the notepad is fab, it is really good quality and is very pretty. Mouse takes after her mum having a bit of a stationary habit so she is very pleased to have a journal! She has big plans for writing songs in it!

Mouse has the final word

“I love notepads and I love my new one, I like that I can decorate it myself as it makes it more mine and I can’t wait to write in it. It is pretty and I think it is EPIC!!”IMG_5566

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