Crafts for the Summer – Weaving with Baker Ross

Monkey and Mouse love crafting, anything they can stick, thread, make or change – they love it. Today was the first day of their summer holiday and we have had the craft box out already, so I think over the next 6 weeks there is going to be a lot of creating going on!

I work with Children and Families and have used Baker Ross crafts a lot within one to one work and play sessions; I love that they have a varied range and I have always found them lovely and fun. However, I have never used them for home crafts…..until now!20150627_133231

I was sent a lovely pack of crafts to try out and the kids decided to start straight away with some Weaving. We had a fab rainbow weaving decoration kit to do and some wooden shapes with laces to thread through.

Mouse loves rainbows; the colours, the shape and the thought of touching them! The set includes a foam rainbow, foam sun and cloud stickers to add to it, different coloured thread and beads. The idea is to thread down each coloured section of the rainbow and hang beads on the bottom.

Both Monkey and Mouse found it easy to do and had a lot of fun. Monkey was trying to match colour thread to colour on the rainbow where as Mouse was happy for a mix up of colours. Both looked fab in the end!

Next it was onto the wooden weaving frame kits, the contents were four different shaped wooden framed and several pieces of colour thread. Letting the kids loose on them was easy, they started threading straight away. Monkey tried to match the patterns on the packet and then took them apart and did them again. I was worried that at 7 years old he would get bored with them but he didn’t and still hasn’t.

I am pleasantly surprised by how much fun has coming from weaving – Monkey finds it relaxing and literally could sit for hours re-doing it to find a different pattern – it is a bit of a challenge for him too!

We would recommend this for fun at home, fun with friends and fun in a play setting!

We are looking forward to delving in more to our Baker Ross goodies – keep an eye out for more crafts soon!


  1. I loved the rainbows myself! We haven’t had the other weaving sets out yet but they do look fab!

  2. I like the idea of that, not something we’ve tried here but looks like fun

  3. These kits look so fun! My kids would love to do them!

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