Crafts from Baker Ross for the summer!

Baker Ross do a wide range of crafts and I have told you a bit about the weaving activities they have to offer.We were really lucky to be sent some other things to try out too. the crafts have come in really handy over the past couple of weeks of the summer holidays.

Monkey and Mouse really love crafting and bright colours and they couldn’t wait to get their hands on the Decorative Craft Pens.20150627_133608

It is a pack of five pens (there are two packs to choose from), the pens are filled with water based acrylic paint and can be used on a variety of surfaces including wood, porcelain, glass and paper.

Monkey and Mouse have sat in the sunshine and used them to decorate stones, sat indoors and done fabulous pictures with them and they have quick become their first choice of pen when doing any crafting.

We went out for a meal with family and decided to take the pens with us for the kids and their cousin to be kept entertained whilst we waited for the food to arrive. We also took some Gnome Wooden Windchimes for them to decorate.

It was a great activity to keep them busy, they really loved it and the windchimes are now proudly displayed in our house.The pens are fantastic, they flow really well and last a long time (they are sill going now), the colours are bright and even a favourite of the hubby (who is an artist).

Mouse particularly loves things that stick, so when she saw the bag of square self adhesive jewels. They are fab and sparkly and they are self sticking so no messy glue. We had some craft baskets to decorate and they had loads of fun doing it. The bag of jewels has loads in it, so we still have some less even though they have been used on the baskets, pictures and dolls (apparently they needed to be sparkly!).

Baker Ross even do brilliant pocket money toys, we had a go with the Monster Wall Crawlers and they were fab – you throw them at the wall and they flip flop all the way down. We have monster races and lots of laughs from them. 20150628_164715

We have absolutely loved the Baker Ross  crafts we have done so far and have already browsed the website to see what else we may have a go at. The crafts are simple but full of fun, they keep the concentration of the children and offer value for money! We are massive fans of Baker Ross!


  1. The pens are fabulous! My children loved using them too, I hadn’t thought of using them on stones but that’s a great idea!

  2. They look great, we’ve been having fun with our various activities too from them over the holidays

    • Laura Pyper on August 14, 2015 at 10:46
    • Reply

    our little girl loves crafts 🙂 will need to check out baker ross

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