D Day!

Well today is D-Day and by that I mean Due Date! Yep my second bundle of joy is due today – so far…..nothing!

In the middle of last week I had a hospital check-up and after a lovely ‘sweep’ I saw hope, but nothing happened and now all pain seems to have gone and there are no signs of the little one appearing.

So it’s time to look into the ‘natural’ labour bring ons!
The raspberry leaf tea has been drunk, the curries have been eaten and I have used my energy for walks….so what else is on that list?

I have another appointment tomorrow………..

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    • Mummy's Little Monkey on April 3, 2010 at 10:21
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    Isn’t all the waiting around just awful???? My first was two weeks overdue (and even then had to be be forced out with an induction!!!) so I’m REALLY hoping that number two will be more punctual (although not too early either!!!). Hope something happens for you soon. xx

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