Dino Supersaurus – Parragon Review

Recently we got a package all the way from Dino City, the kids were excited by this alone and didn’t even ask to see what was in the envelope….well until we got home anyway!

Opening up the package we had been sent 2 books from the new Dino Supersaurus range at Parragon.Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 22.17.23


The range includes activity books and gifts sets aimed at children aged 6 – 12. The Monkey and the Mouse love activity books especially those with stickers with them, so when we got home and opened up the post – they were really chuffed to see that they had the Doodlesaurus book and the 2000 Stickers book.

The 2000 stickers book contains (as you would expect) Dino Supersaurus stickers!  But also has sticker scenes, doodle pictures and inventive puzzles and activities.

The Doodlesaurus is packed with inspiration for dinosaur doodles, the humorous cartoons and sketchy art style will capture the imagination, it also has two dino erasers with moveable parts.

Now I know the books are aimed at older but Mouse (aged 4) loves the Doodlesaurus book, it quite literally has hours of fun to offer and she just uses her imagination and off she goes. Monkey couldn’t be happier with the sticker book – he loves to stick – the only problem is he may run out of places to stick them!

They are loving this range and both have asked when they will get more post from Dino City! Doodle

Disclaimer: I received the books to do an honest review


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  1. These are great books, a bit different from the normal sorts of activity books, we have them and they’ve gone down well with my dinosaur loving children. Love Mouse’s colouring!

  2. We love these books! So different to other activity books.

  3. They look great – stickers are always popular, dinosaurs are always popular, it’s got to be a win 😀

  4. Bud received two of these for his birthday and we’ve been really pleased with them. I wondered if he might be too young for them but they’ve been a big hit.

  5. I know someone who would love this when he’s a bit older.

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