DIY Calculator from IWOOT – Review

We all need to add up something sometimes, a calculator is always handy to have – whether it is working your weekly shopping budget or how much you can save to buy that thing you really want!

We were sent a DIY Calculator to take a look at. You get a calculator, a template and a chance to get creative. The calculator is plain when it arrives – no numbers and no decoration (apart from some lines making it look like a notebook!).

Hubby; who is an artist, was very willing to take a pen to it and see what he could produce! I told him not to think too long and hard about it and to just do what he felt like at the time!

He placed the template over it first, to give him an idea of where the numbers go and then he got to work!

It was easy to do and looks great afterwards, because it is personal to you! It always works as a calculator, just like you would expect it to! The only thing is that you have to be careful what pen you choose as it has a slight shiny finish and gel pens are easy to smudge, the biro types are best!

I actually think this is a great gift someone who is studying, gives them the personal touch and somewhere to doodle whilst they are working sums out!

IWOOT have other calculators too – I love the look of the Disco one! Calculator IWOOT


Disclaimer: I was sent the calculator for the purpose of this honest review


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  1. Love this idea!

  2. Very good – that’s a bit different isn’t it

  3. great if you love doodling!

  4. What a fun idea.

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