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We love playing games all year round and there is even more game playing time over the Christmas, it brings us together and we always have fun. I also know that many people are still Christmas Shopping and/or looking for fun things to do for New Year, So I thought I would put together a brief guide for games to buy others or play yourself, take a look!

The classic of Top Trumps is a quick and simple – with so many topics there is a pack for everyone. Top trumps is easy to play, deal out the cards and try and collect all the cards by beating the other player’s score. To add to the fun there have been some retro cards released; choose from Crazy Cars,Strikers, Fantasy, Exotic Cars or two sets of Horror. We were sent the fantasy set to try and it is brilliant!

Pass the Pigs is an awesome game, I played it loads when I was growing up and now can play with the kids. We have had the classic game for a long time and have had many fun nights, throwing the pigs to see how they land! There are now other versions too – Pass the Pigs Party – similar to the classic game with added vibrant colours and cards that you need to match the position too and Giant Pass the pigs = played with two giant inflatable pigs! We love playing this and I think Giant Pass the pigs is going to be the game of Christmas!Pass The Pig_master

We have had Bananagrams for a year now and we have played it over and over again. A fast paced word game that is suitable for children and adults to play. You have some letter tiles and you have to build linked words in front of you – collecting letters as ‘peel’ is shouted until the tiles are gone. It is a lot of fun and often brings a lot of giggles too! 25674963_10159826714325445_1999048060_o

We bought Dobble after a recommendation from a friend and we have loved it since. You are dealt some cards and have to match symbols to the middle card. The idea is to get rid of your cards first.we play it at home, at friends and even out and about. The game comes in a handy tin that makes it portable and it can go on your travels with you!25829844_10159826714545445_1163546077_oBellz is another great quick game that is suitable for children and adults alike – each player has a colour and you use the double-ended magnet to collect your bells. It is easy to play, fun to play and the mat turns into a travel pouch! It is brilliant and always goes on holiday with us!
 is a new game to us this year; it is for 14 years old plus which is appropriate because it is a little difficult. The idea is you guess your teams film, year of release and the accent you are saying it in (all dictated by the cards you draw). It is a laugh, we were terrible at getting the right answers but it was the biggest laugh we have had in a long time! It is brilliant!25993134_10159826714750445_249698595_o

I hope you have a fantastic Christmas and a Very happy New Year, let me know what games you will be playing – we are always on the lookout for new ones!

HeaderNewDisclaimer: I was sent an Accentuate and a pack of Fantasy Top Trumps to tell you about them. This doesn’t change the fact that we had loads of fun playing them.

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