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This post is written for the very important campaign being supported by Nickie over on the Typecast BlogCLIC Sargent wants parents and bloggers to get involved with their Yummy Mummy week which is being held from 10th to 18th March 2012 and Nickie is offering writing prompts for bloggers to join in and raise awareness, this is the fourth and final week, So if you are a blogger – please join in!

The prompt: Yummy post.  Do you know someone who has had cancer and survived?
Well, I guess Yes and No. Is that possible? I think so, I have known people beat cancer to go on and get a secondary cancer and unfortunately lose their battle. I like many don’t like to talk about the C word, almost pretend it doesn’t exist. I wish I was braver, but I don’t like to think about the devastation it can cause when someone doesn’t survive!
The one brief story I will share is that of my hubby’s uncle. He was diagnosed with throat cancer, he went through hellish treatment but he beat it! Sadly, there he has now been diagnosed with secondary cancer, and much to our denial this time it is terminal.  But, do you know what – he is surviving, he is enjoying time with his wife, living his life and taking each day as it comes!
So do I know someone who has had cancer and has survived, no I know someone who has cancer and is surviving, we just have to take a bit of his attitude too and take each day as it comes!


    • Nickie on February 29, 2012 at 23:04
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    You do have to take each day as it comes and I think a lot of people can learn a lot from those who have cancer as it does make you evaluate things differently. Thank you for writing this and linking up for the final week of the #dosomethingyummy prompts and helping to raise awareness.

    • Nicola Cooper-Abbs on March 8, 2012 at 14:38
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    Thankyou for sharing this story, even when it’s a hard thing to talk about. I appreciate you being part of the #dosomethingyummy campaign

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