Oct 10

Doodlebugs – Review

I have been asked to review Doodlebugs by Orchard Toys for Izziwizzikids.co.uk

This is a game by Orchard Toys, the box contains 40 character cards, a Wildcard and the instructions. The way to play is simple, deal out 5 cards per player, put the rest of the cards in a pile, face down in the middle with one card face up. The players then take it in turns to lay a card on the pile, matching colour or shape. If anyone can’t go then they pick one up from the face down pile. The winner is the one who gets rid of all their cards first, simples!

The cards themselves are lovely, very bright and colourful and the perfect size for little hands. Legs (3 yo) loves this game and my 6 year old nephew enjoyed it too, they were happy to take turns and didn’t mind when they had to pick a card up either.

The game is sturdy and the box compact enough to pop in your suitcase to use on holiday. I would certainly recommend this game for the 3-7 year old, maybe even older. Great as an addition to your games cupboard, as a gift for a birthday or a stocking filler! I will definitely be looking at what other games Orchard Toys have when doing my Christmas shopping!

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