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Is there such a thing as a perfect family moment! What is it? When everyone is happy, healthy, quiet?

Hmmm I am not sure a ‘perfect’ family moment exists in a traditional sense, but what is my perfect family moment? I would have to say it is being together, the four of us, probably being noisy – healthy is a bonus, happy even better, but quiet? Never! If the two little ones are quiet it usually means they are coming down with an illness, are unhappy or up to no good!

I love watching Legs role play, even if it is constantly a very noisy Star Wars role-play! I love watching Mouse learn, she is really discovering the world, looking, reading, watching and a lot of new words – loud words! They sing at the top of their voices, shout when they want a cuddle and cheer at the smallest things!

So my perfect family moment? It’s a noisy one I am afraid!

This post is written for the very important blog hop hosted over on the Typecast Blog by NickieCLIC Sargent want parents and bloggers to get involved with their Yummy Mummy week which is being held from 10th to 18th March 2012 and Nickie is offering writing prompts for bloggers to join in and raise awareness! I am a little behind this is part of the week 2 prompts, so look out for week 3 coming soon!


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    • Nicola Cooper-Abbs on February 20, 2012 at 11:17
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    Yep there is lots of noise in my house too! Thanks so much for supporting #dosomethingyummy

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