End of Year Parents Meeting

Well Legs, it has come to that time of year, the end of your foundation one school year!

Daddy and I went to see your teacher today for a ‘parents meeting’, a chance to find out about you in school! Well, what can we say apart from “well done little man!”

Your teacher couldn’t wait to tell us how much of a pleasure it has been to have you at school this year, how you will be missed when you go to big boy school in september, she nearly made me cry when she said ‘it has gone too quick and i can’t believe it is nearly time to say goodbye’!

We were told how you are excelling your expected level in…well just about everything really!

You love role play and have an awesome imagination, over the past three terms, you have been many different people. Along with various superheros, tv characters and people you have made up, Baby Bear from Goldilocks was a firm favourite! The school will never forget you and your two friends retelling that story!!

You are very good at drawing and cutting; even though creative play isn’t a first choice for you, numbers and maths are more your thing, construction too – anything with a clear purpose, you enjoy having a reason to do – you thrive on using your brain and developing skills!

Your love of books fills all areas of your life and you have often asked to read one or two or several!  You crave information and fun, love to learn and have certainly thrived at school!

You are like a sponge for information. Even though you are moving to a different school you will love it, more to learn, more friends to make, a whole new world to explore!

Both me and Daddy are very proud of you, you are our little star!


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  1. Hiya hun it’s @staceysmum84 from Twitter 😀

    Sounds like your little man is a star in the making. Well done to all of you, you’re doing a great job.

    Louise x

    1. Thank you for popping by and for your lovely comment!

  2. Wow what a great school report! Well done Legs 😀 And well done proud Mum and Dad 😀

    1. Thank you x

  3. I blame the parents, well done you two. xx

    1. Why, Thank you! x

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