Even a Mouse – Review

I have not been sure of books that read themselves to you. I have worried about the loss of interaction between parents and child, and thought that maybe a mummy would become redundant in the bedtime story realm!

Well I was given the opportunity to review an interactive book ‘Even a Mouse’ by Josh Alves, so I thought why not? I mean you can’t really knock something unless you try it – can you?!

‘Everyone knows what happened the NIGHT before Christmas, now find out what went on during the day!’

Even a Mouse is a Christmas Story about two families spending the day together, this book has been written for the 2-8 year olds and is wonderful!  I love the story, simple, cute and very Christmassy.

The drawings are awesome and there are many hidden interactive touch features! When you first switch it on you have a choice of ‘read to me’,  ‘music and effects’ or Pesonalised (You can record your own narration!). So there goes my worry about being redundant because as with ‘normal books’ you can read it to your child, but you get the bonuses of music and the little secret touch effects!

We used a tablet to view the book, it worked perfectly – you download a reader app and away you go! Swipe for page turning and touch the pages for added extra interaction! Both our kids (19 months old and 3.5 yrs) loved the book, they got into the music, and the making things happen! I even have to admit that if you let it read to you, it is quite soothing and read very well!

The story is lovely and reads along very well, the characters are perfect.  There are even more added bonuses at the end with a colouring page and a couple of games, i keep secretly playing the games when the kids aren’t about!

I do love a good kids book that you can read together and this is one of them! I would definitely buy more of Josh Alves’ books, and would buy more interactive ones too!

You can buy ‘Even a Mouse’ from Interactive Touch Books and it is well worth the pennies!

I was supplied with a copy of the book for the purpose of this review, but all opinions are honest!

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    • Josh on December 16, 2011 at 14:26
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    So glad you guys enjoyed it! Thanks for the kind words!

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