Exceedingly good cakes!

As a family who really isn’t into the whole halloween scene, I nearly said no when I was recently asked if I fancied giving Mr. Kipling’s Halloween range a try. But who am I kidding, it is cake, I can’t turn that down, and besides us mums do like things that are versatile and can be used on more than one occasion so I am a perfect tester really, can I be persuaded by Halloween products!

I eagerly awaited my cakes to arrive!

Seriously I know! *Drool*!!!

So I was sent some Mr Kipling ‘Shock and Orange’ slices. It is a box of 6 and each are individually wrapped, they are tangy orange flavoured sponge with chunks of fiendish dark chocolate and a delicious raspberry filling, and (the bit you really want to know) they taste great!

The great thing about these are that they are perfect for halloween, either for a party or a goody bag, they are equally as good for a non-halloween party, they are great for lunch boxes, picnics (maybe not this time of year) or even for mummies to eat on a train for breakfast (it only happened once!)

There are also fiendish fancies and a Monster fancy in the range and I will definitely be looking out to try them too!

Disclaimer: I was sent some shock and orange slices for the purpose of this review!


  1. Chocolate, raspberry, and orange – interesting combination. I may have to give these a try. I do love their Fancies.

  2. I don’t think I could ever say no to cake either 🙂

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