Exciting Memories

Fantastic news, there is someone who can help you with your personalised gifts for Christmas or to welcome in the New Year?

Do you know who it is? Well I do and I am very happy to share! It’s Kodak!

Kodak Kiosks look great, you can create photo gifts, greeting cards, calendars and more in minutes and the best bit is you can do it all in store!

I am so excited because this weekend I am going along to Marvellous Memories to make my own gifts! Don’t worry I will be telling you all  about how easy it is! But if you want to do it yourself before hand do check out their Buy one get one free offer on Facebook!original

To make the memories all you need to do is turn up with

  1. A Mermory Card
  2. Your Facebook log in details
  3. Smartphone (IOS or Android) with the Kodak Connect App installed

All very advanced stuff, the Kodak Connect App enables you to wirelessly transfer and print your memories – making it fast, fun and very convenient!

I can’t wait to give it a go, and will let you know how it goes!




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