Fabric blocks Zoolino – Review

As a Haba Ambassador I have been ask to review these Fabric blocks

I know what you are thinking – ‘How cute are they?!’, I know this because that is exactly what I thought when they arrived!  There is a set of three soft animals, which have velcro between their body and heads, to enable you to swap the parts and mix and match, make yourself a Ele-raffe! The detail is perfect and they are fairly unique ot what I have seen from other companies.

On the box it says they are suitable from 10 months and I would agree that this is a perfect age, the blocks are soft, safe, a lovely size and very pleasing on the eyes, fabulous colours and they are a wonderful set.

I really think these would make a lovely gift for a baby, as a new baby gift to be played with later, or for a first christmas pressie, something they will like and that they can play with, they are ideal as first building blocks, and can encourage role play too (Mummy and daddy may have to help with animal noises)!

They are very baby friendly and get a big thumbs up from our household, they are definitely on my list of ideas for gifts in the future!

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