Family Traditions

I saw a post over on Team Lloyd about their family traditions, it got me thinking…what traditions do we have? Hmmmm, do they all revolve around Christmas (I know too early to mention, but a post on traditions has to include it!), well no they don’t ALL revolve around the C word, just most of them – So, here are our traditions!

  • Ok lets get all the Christmas Related ones out the way together, there is always Satsumas and a book in the Stockings, new pyjamas on Christmas Eve for the kids, Certain films must be watched over the Christmas Period; The Grinch, Muppets Christmas Carol and Elf, Christmas Pudding must be an option for pudding and  one new special bauble for the tree each year for each of the kids (Some of these have been passed down and some are our new ones!)
  • Pizza is a celebratory food! For our anniversaries as a couple before we got married we always had pizza and watched a film! Now Pizza is still considered a food for any celebration, often picking a pizza restaurant for birthdays, mothers day, well anything…. (This is all new made up by Daddy and Me because our first date was film and pizza!)
  • Bonfire Night always includes Mushy peas with Mint Sauce (Although Daddy disagrees, it is something passed down by my parents to me and now to the Mouse and Legs)
  • Books play a massive part in our family and we always read a book in bed before sleep time

That is just a couple, I am sure we will add more over the years, or re-ignight old ones from years gone by! I love traditions, it is the golden thread through families, it comes from memories and makes new memories too!

Share your traditions too….


  1. Aww thank you for Linky up! I love your mushy peas and mint sauce tradition!!! Legs and Mouse will have lovely memories of growing up with all your traditions xxx

  2. Some lovely traditions there! I love that you also have mushy peas and mint sauce on bonfire night. Do you have the pork pie to go with it though??

  3. we are the same with Pizza, it is still a treat or celebration food!

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