Flip-Flop Painters – Review

I have been asked by IzziwizziKids.co.uk to review the Flip Flop Paint Stampers by ASCO Educational

In our house we love nothing more than making a bit of a mess while having fun, but with this one we decided to take advantage of the sun and we headed to the garden with some A3 paper, a tub of paint and some mini flip flops!

The flip flops are made of sturdy plastic and are easy to hold, Legs took hold and dipped straight in the paint and started printing away. He had a fab time, there is different patterns on each flip flop and they print really well!

Even ‘The Mouse’ (15 months old) had a go and was easily able to use them as well. They are a lovely set and would be a great addition to anyone’s  art and craft box! In fact I think they would be perfect for a childminder or nursery  to use with the children they care for!

Anyway, this set is lovely and here is the masterpiece

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