#FloraLunchbox Challenge

The last time Monkey went on a trip with school I found putting together his lunchbox quite challenging; finding what to include that obeyed the school rules of being healthy but that would be healthy and keep him full of energy as they walked around the nature reserve was difficult.14686589_10157638918875445_1937498818_n

There are other challenges with packed lunches – it has to be portable, light enough for the children to carry. It has to be non (or limited) messy so it doesn’t go all over as they move about and it needs to be something that won’t go spoil quickly by not being in the fridge – I am just lucky that Monkey and Mouse are not fussy eaters as well!

A Flora-commissioned University of Leeds study recently revealed that only 1.6% of children in England receive a packed lunch that meets the nutritional standards set for school meals, with just 17% of lunches containing any kind of vegetables or salad. Flora wants to change that; so they have created a meal planner to help you put together tasty and nutritious lunchbox combinations.

I am surprised this is so low, Monkey and Mouse love fruit, vegetables and salad so they are often featured in their lunch boxes; cherry tomatoes, cucumber sticks, Apples, Plums – all sorts! 14740956_10157638912575445_1799983006_n

We were sent a lovely lunchbox and asked to try out some of the ideas for filling a lunch box. We were given a great little guide and it was easy to follow; foods are broken down into categories and you are told how many of each to select. I was surprised by some of the items on it – some tasty items; banana bread and mini pretzels.3473-1248653-Flora-Lunchbox-builder-960x839

There are foods that the children would happily pick themselves and lots of colours that I always think helps! 14625666_10157638796510445_1226842481_oDo checkout the Flora website, they have loads of awesome recipes to help lunch boxes be more fun, it gets your imagination running too – makes you think of new things to include. Pasta salad. Chicken pittas, Vegetable kebabs and more are on our list for the future.


This post is an entry for the #FloraLunchbox Linky Challenge, sponsored by Flora. Check out their lunch planner and recipe ideas here  

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