Flu with added Children!



What a week, sorry for the lack of posts but the household has well and truly been knocked off it’s feet!  I have always believed I have had flu before, well everyone has haven’t they, a few aches, a few pains, shivering – well I can well and truly say, what I have experienced before is bad colds, pre-flu, a few migraines on top of colds but not flu!

This week I have had the Flu!

It started last Sunday with the shivering, a couple of days after Monkey had, had temperature, I was expecting a day of being poorly and then that would be it, right?


It went from shivering, to aching, to stiff joints to PAIN! I have spent all week in bed or wanting to be in bed! It has hurt!

Alongside me each of the other three have had illness too, temperatures, aches, coughs, snot – Yuck!

Thankfully the Children are better, but that does mean they have been hit by a whole other syndrome; the ‘I am so bored I am going to be extra loud, extra sensitive, so extra bored I can’t do anything but bounce on whatever furniture you are resting on and demand that you play something…anything with me even though you can’t move’ syndrome!

Usually when one of me or Daddy are ill the other one takes the reins, but this week we have both been pretty rotten. To be fair to Daddy he has picked up the carer role as he could at least get out of bed with one eye closed and if he walked slowly.  He has looked after us all, but it has been hard to entertain the kids.

I have made it out of bed but still feel sick, dizzy and wiped out now. I have added guilt that I always moan I don’t have enough time to play with the kids and now I can’t do anything to entertain them. I asked on Twitter what to do, the answer was a expected, resounding and already tried ‘use the tv’. Problem is too much and they seem to get grumpy, fidgety and even more demanding!

How do you entertain your kids when you are ill?


  1. I am sure you will more than make it up to the kids next week. Lets hope everyone is well and you have a great half term. xxx

  2. Oh no not good. Touch wood I’m rarely ill it’s usually me running around after everyone. Get well soon. And books?

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