Keeping Friendships with ZhuZhu Pets!

All of us know how it feels to be away from friends and miss them, and it is the same for Children, kids miss their best friends when they don’t see them for a while, so the summer holidays can be really hard, so here is a little information about a website that can help!

The website is and it allows kids to send cute and quirky e-cards to their friends and family! For the whole of August (Friendship Month) they are giving away prizes too, every card sent will be entered into the draw and five winners will be chosen each day!

These ZhuZhu pets are very cute, they are already many kid’s friends and following a hugely successful launch, children can now expand their collection with puppies, babies and princesses!

So if your child/ren is a fan of the ZhuZhu pets or just wants to keep in touch with friends over the summer wants to send a card to their friend and wants to be in with a chance to win visit the website now!


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