Frying Pan from Ozeri – Review

I have a new frying pan, now I know you are thinking ‘what is she going to write about a frying pan?!’.  Well, i shall tell you!

My new frying pan isn’t just any old frying pan, it is a Green Earth frying pan from Ozeri , it has a natural ceramic coating, is free from any harmful chemicals, is non-stick and it is Green!!


As you can probably tell I am excited about the colour, I love things that will brighten up my cooking and to find a frying pan that isn’t black for me is a bonus! The pan is 8 inches (approximately 20 cm) and it is built really well. The handle is heat resistant, so as you are cooking it doesn’t get hot (tried and tested). The no harmful chemicals feature is fairly unique in non-stick pans and Ozeri were one of the first to achieve it!


There was only one thing I was going to cook the first time I used the pan. When frying I consider there is one true test, something that if it goes wrong can actually ruin the whole meal! The Fried Egg Sandwich (on top of the other reason, it is one of my favourites!)

The pan went on the hob with a teeny bit of oil, the egg was cracked in and ta-da!

The result was fantastic, the egg cooked well, equally through it., there was no sticking and the pan was so easy to clean too! I  know this will make me sound odd, but I love my new frying pan! The pan does everything it needs to and looks pretty! I would have no problem recommending this pan to others (well actually I am recommending to you!)

Disclaimer: We were sent the pan in return for an honest review


    • Mummy of Two on November 3, 2013 at 08:42
    • Reply

    It’s a great pan isn’t it, I’m really pleased with ours

    • Kev on November 3, 2013 at 16:40
    • Reply

    Made some awesome eggs!! Great non stick pan and a good size!

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