Giant Piano Mat from Review

There is a lot of music in our house, we are all big fans and there are instruments all over the place. Monkey has just taken up French Horn at school and last year both Monkey and the Mouse saved their pennies to buy guitars. So I have to say when anything Musical arrives, my two go a little hyper!thumbnail_IMG_1843

This box arrived from and as soon as they saw it, they grinned and jumped and couldn’t wait to dive into it. I mean if you think about it, what is more exciting than a giant piano mat? Music that is giant – can’t get any better can it!?

Within the box is the mat itself and six song cards, there are no batteries included but luckily we had some in the house so we were able to play straight away.thumbnail_IMG_3362The piano is designed to give an easy approach to learning the piano; it uses coloured musical notes and keys to make it simple.  All you have to do is follow the coloured musical notes as they are on the song cards and you will feel like a professional pianist.  The cards are lovely and bright, easy to follow and have well-known songs on them.  It seems that Happy Birthday is a very popular song in our house – I feel like I have heard it on all of my non-birthdays!thumbnail_IMG_1848

There are 24 coloured touch sensitive keys which give off great sound and are perfect for the children to play on. With it being a giant floor piano, ideally you use your feet, but Mouse likes to kneel down and use her hands; the keys are sensitive enough that you can do this with ease too!

The Piano comes with eight instrument sounds and to add even more fun you can record and play back your music and hear how awesome you are!

Bonus points for parents are that there is a volume button on the piano so that means that you can turn it down if need be, it is educational and fun and it folds away back into the box for easy storage which in my head hat is a massive plus point! thumbnail_IMG_1847

It is a lovely toy that my two have managed to play nicely together with – there has been no arguing over it (although I am not daft enough to think this will never happen!).  Both Monkey (aged 8) and Mouse (aged 6) have taken to this and love playing with it….i definitely have two budding musicians on my hands!

They are able to use it with ease and without too much guidance; sometimes they follow the cards and sometimes they just throw their caution to the wind and use their imaginations – either way it fills my house with fun and laughter and that’s exactly what we all like.

I actually think this works well in a home, but think it would work equally as well in a pre-school, school or for a childminder; it would bring music to their learning and is a great size for more than one child to join in. The easy to follow teaching of songs would be a happy addition for them too!


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