Mar 21

Giveaway – My Little Pony: Games Ponies Play

The latest  My Little Pony DVD was released on 14th March along with digital download; as with the rest of the My Little Pony DVDs this looks to be a good one! Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 21.35.54

GAMES PONIES PLAY is the twelfth episode of the third season of MY LITTLE PONY FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC. This time Twilight Sparkle and her friends leave their pets behind in Ponyville to welcome the Equestria Games inspector to the Crystal Empire. Ms. Harshwhinny is here for a grand tour in preparation of the biggest sporting event in all of Equestria and the ponies are panicking!

When Ms. Harshwhinny goes for a gallop around the paddock with Prince Shining Armor the ponies realise that this is not the inspector but in fact Ms. Peachbottom!

Can the ponies find the real Ms. Harshwhinny? Did the ponies truly miss out on all the Equestria Games preparation?

You will get to hear what we think of this edition in a future post! Today I can offer you the chance to win your own copy of Games Ponies Play, just follow the Gleam Widget below!

This Competition has ended and link removed!


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  1. Jo Hutchinson


  2. Jennifer Bruce

    Rainbow Dash!


    Rainbow Dash x

  4. laura banks

    rainbow dash

  5. iain maciver

    rainbow dash

  6. Tracy K Nixon

    Flutter Shy

  7. Harline parkin

    Rainbow dash

  8. Kelly L

    Rainbow Dash!

  9. Angela McDonald

    Apple Jack is my favourite!

  10. Susan Smith

    Rainbow Dash

  11. Margaret Clarkson

    Rainbow Dash

  12. michelle o'neill

    Rainbow Dash

  13. Ruth Harwood

    Rainbow Dash xx

  14. Natalie Baskerville

    Pinkie Pie

  15. Becky Duffy

    We love Twilight Sparkle 🙂

  16. Susan B

    We all love Rainbow Dash with her beautiful colours.

  17. ashleigh allan

    Rainbow Dash

  18. Lorraine Bell

    Rainbow Dash

  19. joanna butler-savage

    Rainbow dash

  20. Victoria Shiel

    Twilight Sparkle

  21. Emma

    Fluttershy 😀

  22. Rachel Craig

    Rainbow Dash.

  23. Julie Henderson

    rainbow dash

  24. Pauline Hill

    Rainbow Dash

  25. Kb Kingsley

    Rainbow Dash!

  26. Clare Martin

    Pinkie Pie

  27. Jo Carroll

    Rainbow Dash 🙂

  28. Amanda Hart

    rainbow dash

  29. laura stewart

    Rainbow Dash

  30. Christine Caple


  31. debbie hay

    Pinkie Pie


    Grandaughters is Flutter Shy

  33. Francesca Jones

    Twilight Sparkle

  34. helen tovell

    Twilight Sparkle

  35. Michelle Corbett

    I love Pinky Pie, but my girls don’t have a favourite they love them all x

  36. Lauren Tourle

    Rainbow dash is my fave and my daughters is pinky pie 🙂

  37. donna hale

    rainbow dash

  38. Gemma Boyle

    Twilight sparkle! !!

  39. Solange

    Rainbow Dash

  40. Lorna Ledger

    Twilight Sparkle – very pretty

  41. Kirsty Hosty

    apple jack

  42. Kat Lucas

    Rainbow Dash

  43. Tracy Newton

    Flutter Shy

  44. Louise Fairweather

    Rainbow Dash as I like the colours of her hair

  45. Gillian Hutchison


  46. David R


  47. Cristín Williams

    My daughters favourite is rainbow dash because she is so colorful, my favourite has always been apple jack from I was little

  48. Jodie Harvey

    pinkie pie <3

  49. Lynsey Buchanan

    Apple Jack

  50. Kat Allinson

    Pinkie Pie

  51. Claire Ward

    Love fluttershy in our house

  52. Phyllis Ellett

    Has to be Twilight Sparkle

  53. Sharon Heath

    Pinkie Pie

  54. sarah

    Twilight sparkle or Pinkie Pie 😀

  55. A.E. ADKINS

    Rainbow Dash

  56. Andrew Hindley

    Rainbow Dash

  57. kimberley ryan

    Pinkie Pie, shes so much fun 🙂

  58. Victoria B

    Cotton Candy

  59. ellie spider

    apple jack 🙂 so country

  60. carol boffey

    Rainbow dash

  61. Lucy Carter

    Twilight sparkle

  62. Angela Webster

    My favourite My Little Pony is Apple Jack, I love her colour.

  63. Denise C

    Rainbow Dash

  64. Helen A

    Fluttershy is our fave!

  65. Jayne Kelsall

    my daughters favourite pony is rainbow dash.x

  66. Barbara Handley

    My granddaughters say Pinkie Pie.

  67. Tim Millington

    Rainbow dash

  68. Margaret Abram

    Twilight Sparkle

  69. Gordon MacPherson

    Princess Twilight Sparkle

  70. Ema J Lowe

    I like Apple Jack

  71. Nancy Bradford

    My daughter loves Applejack and can even imitate her accent.

  72. rebecca austin

    Me and my daughter like Applejack, she is great and we love how she talks

  73. Adrian Bold

    Rainbow Dash!

  74. Eva Appleby

    Rainbow Dash

  75. Jane Middleton

    Rainbow Dash

  76. Sadiyya maryam

    My daughter’s favourite us Rainbow Dash. She adores her!

  77. Joanne Robinson


  78. Vickie Jackson

    My daughter loves Pinkie Pie because shes full of beans and loves cake!! My son loves Applejack 🙂

  79. Kelly cooper

    Apple jack

  80. Kathryn Davies

    Twilight Sparkle

  81. emma louise

    Rainbow Dash is my sons fave x

  82. tammi nutting

    apple jack

  83. Jackie Dawson

    Fluttershy 🙂

  84. Victoria Prince

    My favourite pony is Applejack 🙂

  85. Sarah Phillips

    Flutter shy 🙂

  86. Philip Underwood

    I love Fluttershy!

  87. Charlotte

    My little one likes Fluttershy at the moment 🙂

  88. jemma dwyer

    rainbow bash

  89. molly smyth

    My princess loves Rainbow Dash!

  90. bella smyth

    my princess loves Rainbow Dash! and has a huge mlp collection

  91. Diana

    Rainbow dash

  92. Corinne Wright

    Rainbow dash.

  93. Pauline Black

    Pinkie pie

  94. Tina Holmes

    I’m an Applejack fan, my daughter lives Rainbow Dash thou

  95. Karl Borowy

    Rainbow Dash

  96. gemma hendry

    rainbow dash

  97. Andrea A

    Rainbow dash

  98. emmabain

    Pinkie pie

  99. Beryl drake

    Pinkie Pie

  100. Nicola Marshall

    Rainbow Dash

  101. Kirsty Woods

    Pinkie pie

  102. Joanna Kasznicki

    Rainbow Dash

  103. Rachel Butterworth


  104. Gemma Chantler

    My daughter loves twilight sparkle

  105. Natalie Crossan

    Rainbow Dash!

  106. Pauline Burroughs

    Pinkie Pie

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