Going back to work

So, it is getting close. Next Monday I go back to work, after 52 weeks maternity leave and six weeks annual leave, I will be re-entering the ‘real’ working world at 8.30am Monday Morning!

How do I feel, sad, confused and angry! Some people say I should excited, that I am getting a bit of ‘me’ back, that I will enjoy the adult interaction! But to be honest I am not excited at all!

I am sad as I will miss being with my children day to day, I am confused because it doesn’t seem fair and I am angry because I have no control! I have had feeback from colleagues and it is not going to be easy! I am trying to be strong but am struggling.

I will try not to go on and on about my return to work, but bear with me if I mention it once or twice this week!


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