Graco Nautilus – a forced review!!

Now this is going to be a very short review, mainly because it wasn’t something I was going to blog about until I was forced into dealing with a situation which gave me an opportunity to talk about it!

Sunday was a beautiful day, as a family we went to Rutland Water and played in the sun, ate lots of good (and some naughty) food and generally had a fabby time!

The journey home was not so great, unfortunately the food, the excitement, the heat and the traveling all added up to one thing – a poorly little boy and an expelling of the aforementioned food! This inevitably led to us needing to stop in a lay-by, for a quick wipe around with the magical wet wipes, a change out of clothes into daddy’s spare t-shirt and a hope that the rest of the journey would be ok!

So how did the Graco Nautilus Carseat cope – well; brilliantly actually!! It was wiped down very well by the wet wipes, certainly enough for us to re-strap in the little man to make it home! Then at home (following the instructions) the padding was removed and cleaned using a cool wash, and it came up sparkling, well not sparkling as such, that may have been strange as it didn’t start that way, but it was brilliant, the padding is all now back in place smelling as fresh as the day it was delivered!

A big ★★★★★ for the ease of cleaning this seat!!

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