Great Gizmos – Dinosaur DNA Set review

We have two very big Dinosaur fans in the house, they are also very big fans of exploring, digging, mess and fun – so when the 4M Tyrannosaurus T-Rex Dinosaur DNA Set arrived they could not wait to dig in!! 13492903_10157127066500445_821541739_nThis set has so much to offer, your children can become palaeontologists in the safety of their own home. It is for children 8 years and over but Monkey didn’t want to play without Mouse though (who is 6) so they played together, Mouse had no trouble with the set at all and as a mum I would be happy for her to have a set like this too.

The set contains a plaster block (which contains Dinosaur bones), hammer and chisel, map Mats and instructions!13522508_10157127061030445_1070413488_n

You will need to download the Dinocodes app to use alongside the set, but this is easy to do and is a free app.  I was really impressed with how much this set offers; you get to dig up dinosaur bones, construct a dinosaur (that becomes a great glow in the dark toy) and then using the latest AR (Augmented Reality) technology, you can watch the dinosaurs come to life using your phone or tablet.13530592_10153534089366780_2081402086_n

Monkey and Mouse got to work on the plaster block; using the hammer and chisel to start off getting rid of the plaster and then the brush to sweep away excess near the bones. I was worried it may take too long to keep their attention but I definitely didn’t need to worry, they loved every second. It is designed to show them what it would be like in real life; that is would take time and is delicate work. It was so good, even Grampsy loved getting involved too!IMG_2425

They dug up the bones and a small test tube with DNA in it. Once all the bones were dug up, they constructed the T-rex – they loved him straight away and kept running of to dark places to see him glow!

The DNA completes the map mats and enable you to bring your dinosaur to life using the app. Lay the mat on the floor, start-up the app, scan and hey presto, you have your own pet dinosaur!

It is fantastic, one mat has a dinosaur, one has a scene and you can use them together. We actually had a volcano in the room, it looks brilliant and with the dinosaur it looks even better.thumbnail_DinoCodes

For an added bonus you can take photos or make a video within the app so you can keep the memory. You can also share it with your friends through email or over your social media.

We love this Gizmo and will be keeping our eyes out for the others too. It is full of fun, the kids love it and it has been a brilliant bonding activity for them and Grampsy too! Monkey says it is the best thing ever and no longer wants to be a builder, he nows wants to be a ‘dinosaur discoverer’!!

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