Growing Sunflowers

Just after Mouse was born, Monkey planted a tomato seed; he loved it, watered it, watched it and even talked to it. The plant grew and tomatoes started to form. There was an unfortunate snail attack on the plant and most tomatoes did not survive; but only a few weeks later we had something – one teeny tiny shiny red tomato.

He was so proud, well so were we. He picked it, posed with it and smiled! I asked if he wanted to eat it……. Not a chance, it was far too red and tomato like! IMG_4225We haven’t grown much since but have often talked about getting Monkey and Mouse growing things again! I would love them both the have their own little veg patch/growing area. This week we started down that road again. Our friend bought the kids a sunflower kit; it contained a plant pot, some dehydrated soil and the seeds.

Grampsy couldn’t resist helping, he loves being in the garden with the kids! The kits was simple to use, pop the compacted compost in some water and let it expand. 20150719_133546It is really easy to do the rest, you just put the compost in the pot, make holes and plant a seed in each hole. Give a little water and then place on the windowsill for a few days before you move them outside! 20150719_133823The kids have loved in a are constantly checking on the sunflowers to see how they are growing; I will show you the updates. I just hope that my influence doesn’t go against them – I am not so good at keeping plants growing! Do you have any tips that might help me?20150719_134540Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


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  1. We have planted a sunflower last month and they are tall now. I dont do anything different just water them when its not raining. The sun and the rain I think is helping us. It has grown tall now but still no flower.. cant wait.

    Goodluck with yours!


  2. It’s lovely to see children nurturing plants. Sunflowers are great, hope they grow well for you. #CountryKids

  3. I’m rubbish at keeping plants alive LOL Good luck! Always nice to have something growing in the garden.

  4. My two aren’t huge fans of gardening but they love to plant things and watch them grow – it is always exciting for them isn’t it.

  5. We normally have really tall sunflowers but this year they all got eaten by slugs when we were in Spain – came home to twigs! Good luck

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