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A guest post from Kev Brett – Hubby, Daddy to one (one on the way) and Business Man (Runs Tin Bone Productions)!

Well, where to begin…
Let’s start with what I do for a living, or more correctly, what I will be doing for a living (I hope).  In February ’09 I set up a corporate video production company called Tin Bone Productions.  I’ve been doing video production since ’99 and have worked with various companies making corporate videos and this was the obvious way forward.  Except for one thing.  My son.
My wife had been on maternity leave for a year from her job and the initial hope was for her to quit her job as I became the sole bread winner.  Things didn’t quite work out how we expected them to, but when do they ever?
The plan of action?  Well I would stay at home with Isaac while my wife went to an 8-4 job and video production would have to fit in and around our new arrangement.
Various small video jobs came in now and again and the portfolio started to grow, unfortunately not as quickly as we’d hoped and I soon started to realise that the work would have to take more of a back seat to my role of stay at home dad.
And what a role it is.  Never have I known anything so difficult, time consuming, tiring and yet totally fulfilling.
I’ve seen my son grow and learn so much over the last year and it’s been the most incredible thing I’ve ever done.  As much as I have loved and enjoyed my year of watching and helping my son grow, I look forward to pushing forward with the video production and swapping roles with my wife, who it has to be said has been amazing this last year as ideally she wants to be at home with our child while I’m out working.  Again don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed my full time role and love my son more than anything, but I really need a break and personally feel that women are so much better at this role than us men.
Finally, to every house wife/husband – you have my total respect and admiration!


PS We put our son in a big boy bed the same day as we went to look at a child care centre and discussed having him in nursery for a few mornings a week – finally realised he was no longer a baby.  Really hit me…bring on the work.

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