Pure Nature Doll Tim – HABA

Item Number three from our fabulous HABA Ambassador box! Please meet Tim – a Pure Nature Doll!

What an adorable doll he is too!

Completely made of material, he is smooth and so cuddly! My little

girl loves her ‘baby’ and when she picks him up she rocks him side to side saying ‘ahhhhhh’. He is a perfect little size for her to cuddle and carry around.

There are no little bits on Tim, so he is completely suitable for little ones and a really big bonus is it is washable, as any mum knows this is always helpful, especially when little ones want to share their food with their babies!

Legs (3) has also had a good play with ‘Baby’, he has enjoyed playing as much as Mouse, because Tim is a boy and not wearing pink,  he has really fitted in to the family of toys that both the children like to play with!

A very welcome edition to the house, and I think he will last a while too, a much loved toy already!

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