May 31

Half-Shell Heroes: Blast To The Past Competition

On the 16th May 2016 something great happened – the Half-Shell Heroes: Blast To The Past DVD was released and young children were able to join in the fun of the Turtles Franchise that we all have come to love over the years, Blast from the past is a perfectly age appropriate film for the little ones! image001-1

The film is a one-off short film (44mins) that is aimed at a pre-school audience and is younger child-friendly; I knew it would be perfect for Mouse (6 years) but wasn’t sure about Monkey (8 years). As it turns out, they both loved it and actually wanted more! The fact that it is 44 minutes is great too as it is long enough to be jam packed with adventure but not too long that the children loose their concentration!

The story is great and simple to follow, the animation is fantastic with brilliant colours and it is enough to keep the little ones stuck to the screen for 44 minutes! The adventure sees the turtles heading back in time to the prehistoric days to battle with the

Mouse said “the best bit was when the Dinosaurs and Turtles were in a team”

Monkey stuck to one word “Epic”.  

We would definitely recommend this for those younger fans of the turtles who are a little too young for the versions that all already out there. If you want fun, vibrancy and a great story then this is for you! Luckily for us this arrived just in time for half term, so I have had 44 minutes of the kids being quiet…and happy! Bliss.

Half-Shell Heroes: Blast To The Past DVD


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  1. Susan B

    My weapon of choice would be my trusty old broom.

  2. Tracy K Nixon

    A base ball bat!

  3. Tracy Newton

    A garden for

  4. janine atkin

    id have a shotgun

  5. Cheryl Kemp

    My weapon of choice as a TMNT would have to be a pizza slice!! 🙂

    1. Cheryl Kemp

      *Pizza Slicer!

  6. laura banks

    i’d have a baseball bat

  7. Angela McDonald

    My weapon of choice would definitely be metal chains!

  8. iain maciver

    a sword

  9. Jo Hutchinson

    A samuri sword

  10. Ray Dodds

    A cricket bat

  11. Ruth Harwood

    A sabre!!

  12. Denielle Nicol

    A nice automatic machine gun!

  13. Kirsty Hosty

    A taser

  14. Kerry Locke

    Peace and love … kill them with kindness and free hugs!

  15. Heidi Craske

    Saucepan! As I;m always surrounded by them!

  16. Adrian Crook

    A chainsaw

  17. Fiona Martin

    I think I’d have a sword so I could swipe it around me and no enemy could get too close!

  18. Chrissie Curtis

    Nun Chucks!

  19. Shalene Hodder

    I would use a wooden pole, seems to work for the turtles and can be used to vault from building to building to get away from baddies 🙂

  20. Sheri Darby

    A rounders bat

  21. michelle o'neill

    a frying pan!

  22. Jodie Harvey


  23. Shell Steggles

    I would have a porridge gun! SPLAT!

  24. Zac Farley

    A giant pizza cutter

  25. Adrian Bold

    I’d go for a Shotgun.

  26. Victoria Prince

    My weapon of choice would be a frying pan 🙂

  27. Chantiece Bates

    A baseball bat!

  28. emma kinsey


  29. Jo McPherson

    a baseball bat

  30. Aaron Milne

    Quite like to be able to vanish too get out of a tight spot

  31. Sally Collingwood

    A crossbow!

  32. Kim Styles

    Pea shooter!

  33. Pauline black

    A claymore!

  34. Natalie Crossan

    i’d have a baseball bat

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